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#553 S14E18 FATHER’S DAY! With Johnny Bailey, Max Volume, Nick & Quinn Ramirez

Season 14
Season 14
#553 S14E18 FATHER’S DAY! With Johnny Bailey, Max Volume, Nick & Quinn Ramirez

This week we’re celebrating Dads! Nicks dad Nick and Nicks grown kid Quinn Ramirez, joined by KOZZ’s star DJ, Max Volume (Glenn Bailey) and his son, our friend Johnny Bailey of the ripping rock group Rigorous Proof shoot the shit about rock musicians, cars, podcasts, family upbringing and of course what being a dad means.

Max Volume
Johnny Bailey
JB Rocks Dogwater

We are graced with some awesome live songs via Johnny and his slick new guitar. Johnny has such a cool voice and bleeds rock & roll. Even on an acoustic.

Quinn Ramirez
Nick Ramirez Jr.

It was a great hangout, full of laughs and love. 

If you’re lucky enough to be able to, call your dad, see each other, whatever you can do. Have a happy Father’s Day this weekend. Congratulations to the grads! Thank you to the dads! Life is short and we love you!

The Proof is in the Rigor! – S1 E42

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Season 01
The Proof is in the Rigor! - S1 E42



Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 42

Adam Landis of Rigorous Proof


Time keeps marching on and so do the days counting down towards the  Marianarchy Winter Ball. I am very honored to be returning as the host and emcee, along with some backup from Nick, Chewie and Rick, and really hope to see as many of you as can make it down for either day of the event. I will, of course, be there all day BOTH days. Stop by, say hi, BRING ME COFFEE!! (vanilla-caramel creamer and 3 tbsp brown sugar in that, please)


Wesley Forster

Just call him "Ensign Crusher"

To the show! We talk about how a lot of Reno bands stay togetehr just long enough for people to like then and cut a CD; then they break up. Rigorous Proof is the phoenix that has arisen from the ashes of the Madorians (among others). If you know these boys, you know they switch lineups more often than they change underwear or get haircuts. Hell they broke up at least twice on the show, kicked out the bassist and let him back in, AND changed their name a few times. Kids these days!


Johnny Bailey of Rigorous Proof
Johnny Bravo


Currrently, the Rigorous Proof consists of Johnny Bailey (vox/git), Wes Forester (drums), Adam Landis (keys) and Jesse Gaddis (bass). Jesse had to show up late, so in the beginning of the show we have some intense 3-piece adaptations of some of their new songs. Finally though, at the end he adds his fat tones to the mix for their final live performance of the show. They sound really good, despite being recorded by tin cans hooked up to a wire.


The show starts off a little shakey, I admit, but by the time we hit the two hour mark, you’ll be glad you ‘tuned in’. I’ve got to go deal witha sick munchkin, so until next week, ladies and gents: Thanks for listening!

Jesse Gaddis of Rigorous Proof

The Straggler