THEE Reverend Rory Dowd


42nd birthday

The Rev has been disgracing the stage, poetry and theater in Reno, NV for over 20 years. Although born and raised in St. Louis, MO, he is one of our fair city’s favorite adopted sons. This self-described “Worst Poet in Reno”, is  the managing host at Jub Jub Thirst Parlor’s Blazing Mics open mic night, as well as being a co-host and co-organizer of the bi-annual charity event Maryanarchy.

Reverend Rory is also a featured columnist in the Reno Tahoe Tonight, with his every-other month CD review column, “100 Word Bias”. He has also been known to star in (Tooth of Crime, Hazards of Love) and produce (Evil Dead The Musical!) theater and perform (really actually legal) weddings! Outside of the music media and performing arts, he has a joe-job and a beautiful and talented girlfriend and daughter.

Despite his dubious coolness and hip-factor, Reverend Rory is, in fact, quite a nerd. His favorite band is They Might Be Giants and he enjoys a weekly tabletop RPG.

And bowties are cool.