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Lacey Mattison and Shelly Jackson: Asian Bondage Goddess – S3 E13

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Season 03
Lacey Mattison and Shelly Jackson: Asian Bondage Goddess - S3 E13

Boob City!!!!!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S3 E12

You know what heaven is like? A room full of beautiful women smiling at you, without a murderous glint in their eyes. This week we had three lovely local ladies in the studio – Lacey Mattison, Shelly Jackson and Dena Sweigart. Lacey is a local singer songwriter and long-time friend of the show; Shelly is a local crafter, gallery curator and event organizer with Indie Reno and Wildflower Gallery; and Dena was Lacey’s moral support (and ride) that somehow got roped into being on mic. (I wonder how that happened)

The lovely and talented singer/songwriter Lacey Mattison


This weeks episode is totally 50 shades of GHEY! Even Reverend Rory was blushing by the end of the show! He entirely blames Nick for the gaeity. We also have a phone call with LA area comedian, Ed Galvez, who will be appearing at the Reno Tahoe Comedy Club in the Pioneer Underground this Friday and Saturday!

Dena Sweigart appearing on the Worst Little Podcast

She SOOOOOO didn’t want to be on the show…..

Speaking of Comedians – on Thursday May 9th, Shea’s Tavern will be hosting the Weediculous Comedy Tour! We will have headliner Dustin Kaufman on next week ta talk about what they’re up to. I wanted to let y’all know about it now though, since we’ll have limited lead time before the show next week. I’m planning on being there!

Shelly Jackson on the Worst Little Podcast

…infectious laugh, infectious smile…

Other than that – it was a giant shitshow. Lots of fun, I think? Only mildly awkward, really


Rev’s Show Picks:
Ongoing – 11pm – Brüka – Late Night TV Series – Three’s Company
– 8pm – Bruka – Six Women With Brain Death Or Expiring Minds Want To Know (W/ Lacey Mattison)
Friday – 4pm Wildflower Gallery – REVEREND RORY SINGS!! @7
-later – The SHAMES at 40 Mile!!!!!
Saturday – 2pm – Blitz Bar and Grill – Biggest Little Skate Jam 4 Autism (Liver Scars!)
-9pm – Jub Jub’s – Cirque Da Mar – Burning Man Fundraiser for A FIFTY-FOOT ICHTHYOSAUR PUPPET!!!!

Thanks for listening!