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Last Halloween – S1 E38

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Last Halloween - S1 E38

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Nick Ramirez and one of the Chris's from the Vampirates

Happiness and fear on 'Halloween'

Happy Halloween from the Worst Little Podcast!!!!

I hope you had a spook-tacular weekend. We had a great time at the Candyshoppe/Rocky Horror Pinky show, Zombie Crawl, Discovery museum and lots of other events around town. What a blast! If this town does any one holiday right, it’s Halloween! Especially when the weather is as warm as it was the past week! I’d say it’s probably been atlesast 7 or 8 years since Halloween night was that temparate. Slow year though – last year I ran out of candy by 8pm; this year, I was giving out handfuls of the junk and still had some left at 9pm!

The pumkin carving and CD release last thursday at Dogwater Studios was awesome. Even though the Worst Little Podcast studio was taken over by punkin’s and tables, the house was full of good cheer and horrific creativity. The Notorious RAD kept leaving the room when there was a “movie that’s immapropriate for little kids” came on the TV. The little trooper was a peach and stayed up late with us drunks.

DaKodiak and Dave Masud

I'm pretty sure both of these guys know a bit about liver scars.


On the show this week, wehave Reno’s own horror-rockers, the Vampirates, combining ghouls and zombies with punk rock and violence. Just towards each other, mind you. They’re “public service punk rock” and not here to harsh your good time. Chris and Dave sit down with us and talk about their most recent tour, drinking, and um, Halloween?? Yeah – LIVE! from the recent past. Just like always. Also in studio are Dogwater Studio’s very own Cody “Kodiak” and nevada trucker, Regis Mankey. Who, IMHO, is a moron. That’s right I said it. I’m callin you out, you redneck loser! I doubt you really even listen to this show.

Anyway, check your candy for cyanide (tastes like almonds) and razorblades (tastes like stabby).

And thanks for listening!