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NULYPHE and Willie Puchert – We Are Community – S13 E12

Season 13
Season 13
NULYPHE and Willie Puchert - We Are Community - S13 E12

This weeks theme is community: We are stoked to catch up with hip hop artist N.U.L.Y.P.H.E. and hear his most triumphant story starting from his last appearance on WLP, just one year ago. On a mission to teach hip hop and pay homage to the pioneers, N.U.L.Y.P.H.E.’s journey has led him to real support from the community and realizing his dream. It’s a great ride. He also provided today’s beats and live performance. We’re grateful for him and his work.

A man seated behind a microphone, wearing a tan Boys and Girls Club of the Truckee Meadows hoodie and camouflage baseball hat, making the shape of a heart with his hands.

We also have dear friend and local icon, Willie Puchert. Willie grew up in Reno so we do get a bit nostalgic, reminiscing the biggest little city in the 80’s. Willie is also of the President of the Board of Directors of The Sons and Daughters of Erin (SADOE), a Irish/Celtic community group and cultural organization here in Reno. SADOE is reviving their annual festival in a different iteration and are unveiling a new Celtic music event coming up: Northern Nevada Celtic Ceilidh (pron. kay-lee), complete with fiddles, mandolins, harps, bagpipes, and everything! Listen or follow the link for details.

a person in a green shirt with quilted vest, wearing glasses, headphones and a scalley cap seated behind a microphone
Willie Puchert

Speaking of celebrations: Kadillac Kim has of course turned her 40th birthday hootenanny into a fundraiser for Family Soup, a community non-profit out there feeding hungry people. The event is at 40 Mile Saloon on Wednesday April 19th featuring Kelly Proud, Rigorous Proof, Josiah Knight, and (the highly sexual) Grimedog! $5 bux at the door.

Flyer for event that looks similar to a Campbell's soup can
Full Party Mode Engaged

We have a quiz and dish the 411 on some great local shows.

Life is short and we love you.

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