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Weapons of Mass Creation – Repeat Offenders, Top Contenders

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Weapons of Mass Creation - Repeat Offenders, Top Contenders

You can’t keep a good band down and no Reno band epitomizes that made-up saying better than our guests this week, Weapons of Mass Creation. You can’t call it a comeback, because they’ve been here for many years (you can’t call it a plagarism, because it’s altered a bit.).

We get to talk to them about the ever-ongoing next album, getting closer and closer to completion. We start the musical segments of the show, with a special look at Joe Atack’s solo project. Pan clues us into what he’s been up to as Reno’s current poet laureate (you can catch monthly him at Sierra Arts in the historic downtown Artists’ Lofts). We also get an update on many things theater, including Good Luck MacBeth, GhostLight TV and Dancers and Bands (featuring One Ton Dually and Fanci Valle on the most recent episode)

It’s a good fun show. Stay safe and fight the power.

Thanks for listening.