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Johnno The Rhino – Off-Topic and Unfiltered – S10 E24

Season 10
Season 10
Johnno The Rhino - Off-Topic and Unfiltered - S10 E24

Buckle up this week, kids – it’s a wild ride!

Johnno the Rhino

Once again, we are happy to welcome past sonsor and longtime friend of the show, Johnno the Rhino, international DJ and local business owner at Reno Carson Messenger Service. Johnno regales us with tales from abroad during the pandemic, including one of the last music festivals – BAZIQUE! – held before the world wen on lockdown in March, in South Africa. The tracks this week are live recordings of his set that night.

The Bazique Music Festival

We don’t have much control over this episode. Johnno is a ‘fire and forget’ kind of guest. He was cracking us up before we started rolling tape. It’s wild and unhinged and hilarious and honest and fun.

Johnno is also still working the Golden Gate Project and figuring out ways to change lives hearts and minds, starting with bringing music the kids in hospitals. Head over to the website and check it out. It’s really wonderful

The Rhino Line

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