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Los Pistoleros – The Power of Booze and Fake Radio – S1 E29

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Los Pistoleros - The Power of Booze and Fake Radio - S1 E29

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 029

Felix Polanski and Andy 86

Divided by beer. Reunited by beer.


And now, boys and girls, here’s a podcast.

If you’re a loyal listener you hay have heard last week that we were going to have the guys from Big Remote in this week. Unfortunately, there was a death in the family of one of the members and we’re postphoning the show with them. Much love to Foreman, Brown and Dixon families from all of us at the Worst Little Podcast in the World. Don’t fret though – they’ll be on soon. They can’t afford NOT to be on the most popular local music podcast in Reno.


Andy 86, Felix Polanski and Chewbacca!

We really have no standards - we'll let anyone in here. Even Clampers.

Instead we get Felix. Yeah, that’s right, Felix Polanski. *facepalm* It was a last minute thing; I know, I’m sorry. To balance that out we also have Jess from Cherrybear Records and Andy 86 from The Riptide Bandits LOS PISTOLEROS!  Even though the rest of the Pistols couldn’t make it on short notice, Andy graciously let us play a couple fo tracks from their upcoming CD release. (It will be out just as soon as their singer gets out of the slammer.)

Also, we finally play the tapes from the Undiscovered 2011 show. Rory recorded a brief interview with Los Pistoleros in the garage, right as they found out Felix is a dummy when he’s loaded. We also have an interview with a very drunk Felix AFTER a real disaster was avoided. He’s such a jerk. Felix and Andy publicly bury the hatchet for your entertainment!

Chewie’s back – not much to say except for his impeccably placed one-liners, as usual. This whole ‘Return of Chewbacca’ thing is actually starting to get old. But, whatever. It’s good to have the ol’ wookie back in town. We’re looking forward to him sticking around for the rest of the year.

We’ve got news, events and the Worst Little Quiz too. Can Andy unseat our current recordholder, Layla James? Listen in and find out!

Thanks for listening.