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One Ton Dually – Tons Of Fun! – S7 E26

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
One Ton Dually - Tons Of Fun! - S7 E26

Welcome to literally the worst podcast in the world!

The-Worst-Little-Podcast-2017-08-28  – S7 E26 Download Link

This week we welcome Rory back to the show but not in his normal capacity as he is one of tonight’s guests! Also missing but present is Mr. Nick Ramirez. Nick and Rory, along with band-mates Spike and Jackson are here as One Ton Dually, and they’re ready with like six songs, so hold onto your tits, dear listeners. Listen up as Chewy and Kadillac Kim attempt to fill Nick and Rory’s rather large hosting shoes/chairs. We’re here talking about murders and Reno and Murderino’s!

But enough about us, let’s talk about the BAND. One Ton Dually is a rock and roll band from Reno, NV, singing songs about fast drinking and hard wimmin (yeah, they made that a word). The band describes themselves as a 4-speed good time transmission with top of the line suspension and a powerful engine under the hood. I’d take that for a ride, and you should too.


Spike of Reno band One Ton Dually holding his guitar and staring into the distance.

Spike – Guitar/Vocals


Rory Dowd of Reno band One Ton Dually holding his bass in the studio for the Worst Little Podcast.

the Reverend Rory Dowd – Bass/Vocals

One Ton Dually has recently played at the Saint and Shea’s, which is to say they get around. If you know what I mean… Like their Facebook page to learn about new show dates and to link to their music.

Nick Ramirez of Reno band One Ton Dually playing drums while recording the Worst Little Podcast.

Nick Ramirez – Drums


Jackson of Reno band One Ton Dually holding his guitar and speaking into the microphone.

Jackson – Guitar/Vocals

While you’re waiting for One Ton Dually, be sure to check out the following awesome-sauce events in Reno.

This Friday is Foxy First Friday with host Rory Dowd, featuring Mike Metzger. Apparently Mike is well recommended by many low-life musicians who own guitars. I mean, that’s what the internet has to say and the internet is never wrong. If you want to challenge the internet, or if you just want to hear some great live music, get to Foxy Olive by 9 p.m.  21+ No cover.

Saturday punk bands U.S. Bombs / Abandon Minds / Another Damn Disappointment share the stage at Shea’s. 9 p.m. 21+

If you haven’t heard, Sunday is the new Saturday in Reno. Check out the Violence Creeps / Negative Sex / Murder Dream at the Holland Project. 8 p.m. all ages. $5

At Alturas on the DL, go have an epic good time seeing Johnny Cash tribute Cash’d Out with Cowboy Indian. 21+ 8 p.m. $15 (tickets here)

For all you Burner’s and would be Burners, Monday through Wednesday is the annual city wide party known as The Great Depressurization, presented by our friends at Fresh Bakin’. Decompress and readjust to the default world with excellent entertainment by the likes of Kelly Proud (details here), The Utility Players (details here), and big name DJ’s. The three day event takes place at The Eldorado, Silver Legacy, and Circus Circus in Reno, and MontBleu Resort in South Lake Tahoe. Click through to see the full lineup.

If you need a break from the casino traffic, go to Cargo on Tuesday for Saving Banksy / The Great Bingo Revival at Cargo. See the film, stay for the party. 21+ 8 p.m. no cover

That’s all I’ve got this week and this is where I’ll be. If you have events you think I should go to let me know! I’ll do just about anything once.

There’s no show next week thanks to Labor Day, but we’ll be back on September 11th with Riptide Bandits! Thanks for listening Reno. You’re the best.

Abandon Minds – Marianarchy Edition – S5 E12

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Abandon Minds - Marianarchy Edition - S5 E12

It’s the most special time of the year!

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E12

We gots some bare-bones, sharp as a razor, old-school punk rock for you this week, featuring Abandon Minds, a punk trio from Carson City. Abandon Minds is Johnny Thunderpiss on bass and vocals, Will Imnot on guitar and vocals, and the man himself, Handsome Greg on the drums. They have been playing together for the past 4 years, regularly making the trip up to Reno to play shows in that time. Drawing inspiration from 70s and 80s punk, Abandon Minds has a tight set of originals and covers. I think we squeezed in five songs this week. You can catch Abandon Minds at Marianarchy this weekend on Day Two. More on that later.

Abandon Minds in a car with suicide doors and flames painted on it all around in a classic style


Johnny THunderpiss from Abandon Minds staring at the camera scarily

“Who want to watch a SCAAAAaaary movie?”

Will Imnot and Handsome Greg sitting in the car with leapoard seat covers


Also joining us is Dalien Effin Punk of Effin Punx Streetwear. Effin Punx Streetwear is a local clothing line, self described as “streetwear for the inner punk in all of us, born from the West Coast underground.” Daniel has been aggressively working it all around Reno, Tahoe, Carson and all points in between lately. You’ve probably noticed the stickers and Tees. If you haven’t you should.  Daniel is the kind of punk who puts his money where his mouth is. He has been sponsoring all these great punk shows that you’ve been seeing in the past nine months, helping venues and promoters attract bands and fans to live events. In addition to being a sponsor for Marianarchy XI, Effin Punx is looking forward to helping bring 7Seconds back home on June 20 at the Knitting Factory with The Briggs, Success and Machine Gun Vendetta.

Daniel Effing Punk of Effing Punx Streetwear staring stoically at the camera


It’s MARIANARCHY DAY ONE!!!!! and MARIANARCHY DAY TWO!!!!! Marianarchy XI!!!!!!

As you well know, Nick and Rory and a ton of other people work hard and have a special place in their hearts for this event. We say we take care of our own; and we do. We often help out members of the community who have strong ties to the art scene and are our friends. But it is bitter sweet when it is someone who has also worked hard at this event.  Like beneficiaries in the past, this year we are pitching in to help out someone who has played and attended many many Marianarchies (sp?), the lovely Ms. Rhiannnon Box. Also a former guest of the show as a member of Stabby Unicorn, Rhiannon was diagnosed with MS last year. Dead bears. With the blowing. This Friday and Saturday, please join us to pass the hat, play some music, have a good time and help a sista out! Silent auction and raffle with astounding local art, as usual, as well.

Thanks for Listening!