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So, while we wait for Dogwater Dick to finish dicking around with the audio (yeah, I’m throwing him under the bus – because he’s a fag) I thought I’d take a moment out to talk about censorship and the internet. I would like to preface these comments by stating that I am, in fact, an idiot. Next week Congress will be voting on the passage of two bills relating to internet security and censorship and piracy and e-anarchy and e-policestating and all that kind of stuff. I will not pretend that I am well versed on the topic; what I am well versed in is grandstanding and talking out of my ass.

“Internet censorship” is a scary word. SO scary that it is, in fact, two words. It’s being thrown about a lot and I don’t like that. But should I really be afraid? I am afraid that I won’t be able to look up when Wikpedia and Reddit and Boing-Boing and Mozilla and WordPress (who we couldn’t do this site without) go dark tomorrow. If the internets didn’t have cool shit like that – how would I find all the misinformation that I need to know? What would I do?  Like, be creative or something? Read a book?

The fact is that we live in a brave new reality where the constant flow of information is central to how we interact and have a global perspective, as many cultures. If services were forced to self police or face fines, I’m afraid that most of those services would simply go away – it’s way less of a headache to not have to fix something that never went wrong in the first place. Piracy, like on the high seas, is theft; I think we’d all agree. Unlike the high seas, however, it is less overtly homoerotic violent; I’d way rather my apartment was invaded by a bunch of guys who would leave updated OS and smoothly running pre-release movies in their wake.

But I digress. You should do yourself a favor and get more informed that I have led you to believe you might here,
Try out these links:

Maybe even do something:

But don’t try to look it up on Wikipedia – they’re not home.
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