Nick Ramirez – Recursive

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Nick Ramirez - Recursive

It’s a post-Marianarchy afterglow kind of show, folks. This week we are placing the spotlight on our senior correspondent and co-host, MISTER Nick Ramirez. Nick is happy to announce the release of his long-awaited solo album, “This Might Be The End”. Here you get a sneak peek and listen to it (although at the time of publishing, digital pre-order and CD copies are available)

Nick Ramirez – “This Might Be The End”

There are a lot of great recordings of some of your favorite Nick songs and some new cuts as well! We hope you enjoy listening to them with the man himself. Get a hold of Nick directly for a copy
Lets get to it, shall we?

good buddy Nick

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Kittenhead on Marianarchy Eve

Worst Little Podcast
Kittenhead on Marianarchy Eve

What is with the ups, mofos? Being awesome and taking care of your own, that’s what’s up. That’s why we have, at long last, Kittenhead on the podcast this week. These good friends from the Bay and LA are headlining Day one of Emergency Marianarchy this weekend and we are pleased as punch to have them on the show.

Kittenhead at Oakland Pride

Only Dede and Kivi join us on the show, due to scheduling conflicts, but it bears mentioning that Kittenhead has not practiced or played since the beginning of the pandemic in March. They got together specifically to record the videos they submitted to the Emergency Marianarchy, simply because they love the shit out of Jub Jub’s, individually and as a band.

Kittenhead at The Dollhut

Kittenhead has long been a friend of Marianarchy and many of us on the podcast, professionally and personally, for many years. It really is a treat to get to have them on the show – one good thing to come out of the Age of Covid is our ability to still carry on the show with friends and musicians who live further away. Not ideal, nor what we want the show to be, but getting to interview some great friends is second best to having them play here live.

We hope you join us for Marianarchy at 6pm on Friday and 6pm on Saturday.

Thanks for listening and Fuck Your Day.

Lost Idea – Skate Fast, Leave a Pretty Corpse *FIXED*

Worst Little Podcast
Lost Idea - Skate Fast, Leave a Pretty Corpse *FIXED*

Good friends and neighbors of the studio, Lost Idea, check in this week with the team over the internet. These Reno-bred skate punks have just dropped a new album (they still say that, right?) and threw a virtual release show with Momo Promo at the Elbow Room. If you missed it, you can catch some of those songs here, in the episode! (cause that’s how podcasts work)

Lost Idea, “Wait…What?”

Emergency Marianarchy: Keep Jub’s Alive is next weekend – 6pm on Friday, 10/23/20 and a whole DIFFERENT second day at 6pm on Saturday, 10/24/20. There will be a concurrent silent auction, starting early on Friday and running all the way until noon on 11/1/20 – a whole week to try to keep an eye on your prize. Details for the silent auction will be on the event page. And, of course, you can donate directly at the GoFundMe KJA page.

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Roy Durand – Who The Hell Is He?

Worst Little Podcast
Roy Durand - Who The Hell Is He?

Greetings from fall, I guess. The weather has turned and so has our focus. All the way from Mobile, AL, we have drummer and songwriter, Roy Durand. Roy has never lived in Reno, has only been here once, and has no impending plans to return. So why are we featuring him on our show? Because he’s a pretty awesome dude, that’s why. (And Rev. Rory and he became friends in Louisiana about a decade ago), just before the podcast started.

Roy Durand

This show is a lot of fun – he came prepared for a real music podcast, but quickly learned to play along. Roy is a real travelling troubador with lots of stories. Lots of laughs this time, and even Dogwater Dick was made uncomfortable for once.

Super Hipster Roy with dog

Also, don’t forget about the upcoming Emergency Marianarchy: Keep Jub Jub’s Alive, running 6pm on Oct 23 and 24th with two unique video streams, with the silent auction running from 10/23 to 11/1. Over 40 acts from across town and across the nation, as well as dozens of items for the silent auction! For more information, please check out the event page and the GoFundMe page.

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