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Donner and the Cannibals – Bitchrock!

It’s not angry women….

The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E12

In the ceaseless ebb and flow of the creation and destruction cycle of Reno bands, you sometimes get something intriguing and unique. Other times, you’re left with music like Donner and the Cannibals, a Reno punk/folk trio. Donner and the Cannibals is comprised of Craig Schrader, Rachel Barr and Aaron Foelsh, all previous guests of the show in other bands.

Craig Schrader, guitar and vocals

Rick calls it “bitchrock” but Nick and the Rev know protest punk when we hear it. Good stuff – pretty and angry.

Aaron Foelsh

Please don’t forget to join us at Marianarchy XII this weekend! Friday and Saturday, Nick and Reverend Rory will be hosting the 30+ band event as a benefit for Kula Dunn, good friend of the community and ECV, who had his legs broken in a hit and run incident last year. Help us raise him some walking money. As usual, there will be a silent auction and raffle..

Rachel Barr, bass

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The Doctors of Feel Good

It’s all happening….

The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E12

If you’re feeling low, we have the prescription for you! The Doctors of Feel Good live up to their name throwing down some awesome tracks.¬†Shaughn Richardson, Micheal Jackson, Eli Paxton . and Adrian Rodriguez form The Doctors of Feel Good and they will be at a venue nEar you soon .

Shaun Richardson, vocals for The Doctors of Feel Good

Shaun Richardson

Michael Jackson, keys and vocals for the Doctors of Feel Good on the Worst Little Podcast 05 06 2016

Michael Jackson

Adrian Rodriguez , drums for the Doctors of Feel Good on the Worst Little Podcast 05 06 2016

Adrian Rodriguez

Eli Paxton, bass for the Doctors of Feel Good on the Worst Little Podcast 05 06 2016

Eli Paxton


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Serenity Awaits – BFE Comes to Town

Are you ready for this? Finally?


Hello fans and dedicated listeners!! Many apologies for the delay of the show. Serenity Awaits has been patiently waiting for their turn in the show. Ben, Chris, Charlie and Herman join us this week and it’s worth the wait.

Charlie of Serenity Awaits

Charlie – guitar

Ben boren of Serenity Awaits

Ben – singer and guitar

These guys traveled a fair distance to join us and brought their best… well really, they’ve brought about 2 1/2 hrs worth of original material, but showed off only the best of the best. We have a lot of fun with Serenity Awaits. These guys have stories for days. Also – Herman speaks very little English so it’s a great chance to hear Rick improv his Spanish translations for Quiz questions.

Chris of Serenity Awaits

Chris – bass

Herman of Serenity Awaits

Herman – drums

Lots of great stuff happening in Reno right now: Foxy First Friday featuring Jen Scaffidi is this week, hosted by The Rev; just a few more weeks until Marianarchy XII: A Benefit for Kula Dunn; “King Lear” runs at Good Luck MacBeth until 5/21; Reno Sculpture Festival next weekend – all over downtown Reno; and much much more. Get off yer butt and go see some stuff!


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Heard of Elephants? – You Got Pictures?

Can I get a little love?

The Worst Little Podcast – s6 e9

Trust Reno music to always throw something new and off the beaten band path. Heard of Elephants? is a wonderful conglomeration of some veterans of the Reno music scene. Jonathan Rolling, Matt Bad, Matt Karr and Lars Bateman form up this Voltron of folk-funk-punk-jazz. No, really! I didn’t believe them when they told me either, but that really captures a part of what’s going on with Heard of Elephants?.

Matt Bad - drums and vocals- Herd of Elephants

Jonathan Rolling - guitar and vocals - Herd of Elephants

Unfortunately, Heard of Elephants? does not have a website, but you can track them down over on the Facebookery and find out their show calendar. Their next show is down at the old Studio on 4th and you may just want to check that shit out, knowatimsayin?

In other happenings around ‘town’ Sassafrass Eclectic Food Joint in Carson City is hosting another Sassabration Diversity Festival on August 16th. Reverend Rory and Princess Bombs went down to check it out last year and had a great time, but this year, they are looking for more bands! That’s right – they want you! They are having an open call for entertainment at their celebration of Diversity, Community and Equality. Check out Sassabration application and contact details in the link.

Matt Karr - banjo - Heard of Elephants

Lars Bateman - guitar - Heard of Elephants

Hear of Elephants is some good times. GO see them play live and buy them drinks. A stampede upon your ears. they are. Totally worth it.

Thanks for Listening!

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