#530 S13E38 ToneMark Sounds: Empire Records

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
#530 S13E38 ToneMark Sounds: Empire Records

Greetings dear listeners! What do Eric Stangeland, Thee Saturday Knights, Heterophobia, ASCA, Vague Choir, Rhiannon Box, and Kanawha all have in common? They’re all badass bands and musicians from Reno, they’re all on ToneMark Sounds record label, and they’re all our musical guests this week, courtesy of Mark Earnest and Tony Ashworth, owners of the aforementioned ToneMark Sounds. Mark, renown music journalist and prolific musician, currently fronts for the bands Manchild and Kanawha, the doom/desert rock band that also features Tony on electric guitar. Tony is a chef, an author, podcaster (rad horror stories! The Den Tapes), video and film, audio engineering and more. True Reno Renaissance men.

Tony Ashworth

We love these pillars of the Reno music scene. Always creating, promoting, encouraging and nurturing. 

Mark Earnest

Join us as we sort through their many talents, the birth of ToneMark and the natural progression of things as a new but already stacked label. The bands all have their own unique styles and sounds, carefully curated from Mark and Tony’s favorite local acts. With all the talent we hear and the acts that are on the roster, we were blown away with how very cool this all is. For Mark and Tony, yes, but for the bands too. All very impressive label mates who should be proud of their recordings. 

They’re having a showcase at Cypress on December 8th with heavy hitters Hired Fun, Heterophobia, Thee Saturday Knights and Kanawha. 

We had a blast this week and really loved all the different tracks we heard. We hope you do too. 

Thanks for listening! 

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