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Sometimes, the guests really bring it and we can just sit back and laugh.


Mallory Mishler

After a long and exhausting conversation about Marianarchy 2012 Mallory Mishler joins us in studio to play some songs and talk about her upcoming exhibit at the Reno Art Works. She is a triple threat – one of the top realism artists in town, a skilled musician and a fucking awesome lyricist! Great – next thing you know she’s gonna have a podcast or something. Her show, “Stubborn Works – Something From the Deep ‘It’s a Black Thing'”, will open sometime in the first week of June and the closing reception is going to be on Sunday June 28th.

We also have a great phone call from Reno based comedian, Lizzie Keith. She was the host of the Reno Tahoe Comedy Semifinals last week and is a pretty active performer and aerobics instuctor. We think she’s hot. She says she’s a hot lesbian, but we’ll have to get her in studio sometime to verify… if y’all don’t mind. Really though, she was funny right out the gate. I think we have maybe made a new friend – a contender for the coveted third chair of Chewie?

kodiak and chewie_phixr

Kodiak and Chewie

Also in studio with us were the artistic and musical talents of Aric Shapiro and Pan from Reno Art Works and Weapons of Mass Creation. We’ll have WMC on the show a little later in the summer, but today they were here to talk about RAW. It is a great artists’ space on Dickerson Row, the unofficial home of Reno’s visual art community. RAW however embraces all artists, from performers and writers to more traditional definitions like painters and sculptors. RAW hosts a weekly community art night – fun for the family and you might just pick up a new skill or simply learn a trick or two. All kinds of art are open for exploration! Lots of fun.



Aric Shapiro

Other Topics This Week: Why Elephant Rifle hates the Reverend Rory now, divorce (sorta), the ‘other’ RAW and hot girls belching.

At any rate – thanks for listening, o constant listener!

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