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It has been a while! Hope you enjoyed last week’s flashback fun – that show is a train wreck.
This week on the show we’re happy to have Jamil Apostol and Kirsten Crom from The Bonfire Set sit in and be assaulted (possibly offended) by the chaos that is Dogwater Studios and the WLP crew. Logistics prevented more of the band from being on live with us this time, but we had a chance to sit down with the CD and two of the musicians behind it.

kirsten crom, pianist and supporting vocals for the Bonfire set

Kirsten Crom


Nick is back with us this week and we talk about his travels around the state promoting the Movie and such. Revernd Rory hung out at home and went to a ghost motel tour, while Rick recorded bands. I know crazy! Nick is looking forward to playing with the Liver Scars and Turbonegra at Shea’s this weekend – should be a killer time. Go see it.

jamil apostol, lead vocals andd acoustic guitar for the Bonfire Set

Jamil Apostol


Anyway – enough about the episode – onto the show!
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Nick’s Mom Should Not Listen to To this Episode

The Worst Little Podcast -This is the Download Link- S2 E17

Well, isn't he just dreamy... frakking, Ken Doll...

In studio this week is Cecil McCumber, a pretty damn talented musician who has been working the trenches of the music scene in Reno for a few years now. He must be doing something wrong though, otherwise, how did he end up on this show? He is a lot of fun to talk to – listen for the exact moment that he turns on Nick like the rest of us. He’s not a bad candidate to replace Chewie… you know, when he’s out of town, not permanent or anything. Cecil has some upcoming shows for you to check out, but you’ll have to listen in for the dates and locations.

Jess enjoying a tasty beverage!

Also with us this week is the … unique… talent that is jess Cherrybear of Cherrybear records. She decided to crash the podcast and  … knit the wole time, when she wasn’t making fun of the Rev. What else did we talk about – um, degrees, kids and school, picklebacks, the kanes, the new stage at Sheas, the open Mic at Strega on Sundays, dead Alphabet, disappointing pancakes, and… uh, Nick’s mom. Things we fogot to talk about were Nada Dada, the first BBDD bout of the year and Reno block party. RBP needs volunteers for the day of the event. If you want to help contact Guerilla Productions or Rory or Glitterdome Presents.

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