Micheal Jackson

The Doctors of Feel Good

The Doctors of Feel Good
Season 06

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It’s all happening….

The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E12

If you’re feeling low, we have the prescription for you! The Doctors of Feel Good live up to their name throwing down some awesome tracks. Shaughn Richardson, Micheal Jackson, Eli Paxton . and Adrian Rodriguez form The Doctors of Feel Good and they will be at a venue nEar you soon .

Shaun Richardson, vocals for The Doctors of Feel Good

Shaun Richardson

Michael Jackson, keys and vocals for the Doctors of Feel Good on the Worst Little Podcast 05 06 2016

Michael Jackson

Adrian Rodriguez , drums for the Doctors of Feel Good on the Worst Little Podcast 05 06 2016

Adrian Rodriguez

Eli Paxton, bass for the Doctors of Feel Good on the Worst Little Podcast 05 06 2016

Eli Paxton


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The Tahoe Players and the Death of a Candyshoppe

The Tahoe Players and the Death of a Candyshoppe
Season 03

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Focus, people!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S3 E19

Regina Powers smiling for the camera!

Lovely Regenie!

Hello friends, it’s that time of the week again! Don’t forget to drink your Ovaltine! (do they even make that anymore?) We have a pretty fun show lined up for you – except for that part when Rev. Rory tries to use a tuner – with lots of exciting things! First, from the Tahoe Players, we have a couple of cast members from their production of les Miserables take the time to visit with us. Micheal Jackson and Regina Powers take the stage in the studio and tell us all about the debut of les Miserables at the Village Green for Red, White, and Tahoe Blue on July 5. Directed by Lily Baran and Musical Director Joe McKessom, the production will also run July 25-29 at John Ascuaga’s Nugget. Tickets are available at the Tahoe Players website. Aside from all that good stuff, Miceal blew us away with just a snippet from the show. It should be a lot of fun!

Micheal Jackson of the Tahoe Players.

The REAL Micheal Jackson on our show!!!!

Sadly, Nick announced the demise of Candyshoppe, citing creative differences and an insatiable addiction to Cheetos amongst the various members. Best known for violently assaulting audience members with sugary treats, Candyshoppe will be remembered as a  band of minor note – mostly B minor. Just kidding! We will actually miss them and wish all the Candyshoppers the best in the next chapter of whatever the hell it is that they do. We end up playing a few of their songs this week, in memoriam.

Bryce Albright looking up thoughtfully.

The sweater is too short.

We also devote some portion of the show to talking with Executive Fluffer, Bryce Albright. So far 100% of Bryce’s bands have broken up, usually before releasing any recordings. SO! Seeing as they were Dogwater Studio productions living under a rock, we played a few. and you know what – they were actually pretty good. Toe tapping in fact.

This Weekend’s picks
Friday – Captured! By Robots at Jub Jub’s – $10
– Stabby Unicorn and N8-Bit at Strega – Free

Saturday – SITR featuring Craig Prather and John White at Swill
– Old Man Markley, 6 Mile Station and Actors Killed Lincoln at The Alley


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