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Weapons of Mass Creation: Intensity in Everything

Stand up and make some noise!

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S2 E 34

Bringing it to you with a boom and a bang are Weapons of Mass Creation. They are going to assault your ears and make you think – dangerous stuff there. Joe Atack, Pan* Pantoja, Abel Press and Aric Shapiro dropped by the studio to blow us away for an hour or so with the heat. What kind of heat? The kind that makes you get out of your seat and onto your feet to clamor and stammer at the drop of the beat. (See I’m still so pumped from the show, they gots me rhyming.)

Pantoja throwin’ down.

While they do aim to entertain, Weapons of Mass Creation are advocates for the revolution of the mind, making people think dangerous thoughts and take direct action to build a better community. There is no fluff in their songs. They don’t know the meaning of ‘slow’. They only know how to go, go, go and inspire. Aside from the band, Pantoja and Shapiro are a driving force behind Reno Art Works. Pantoja is also an art instructor at Rainshadow Charter School. We spend a lot of time talking about how that august institution is doing and how they need some more community support. And strangely (for us anyway) we get pretty serious for a while at the beginning of the show, talking politics and philosophy before we get to all the sex and fart jokes.

Press is just happy to be here.

I almost for got to mention – CHEWBACCA IS BACK!!! After laying thousands of bricks in the past few months, he comes back and mouths off a whole bunch before ruining a bit at the end of the show. Yeah, laugh it up, fuzz ball. It was nice having the whole gang back together this week (although we will be taking a brief break next week since we’re all going to be at the Knitting Factory, watching The Liver Scars open for The Misfits. You should go. No, really – you should go.

Atack’s board is bigger than yours.

Finally, I want to mention that Weapons of Mass Creation are having a CD release show at Lincoln Lounge this Friday, 11/9. The CD, For Your Revolution, sounds killer. 10 bucks gets you in and a copy of the CD. You want to do this. Trust me. I know. They are an exciting fucking band and will melt your eyeballs out of your head.

This is how Shapiro gets it done.

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