Jessica DaSilva Garrett and the Wolves!

Hello! Welcome to the first episode of this year’s Women’s March on the Worst Little Podcast! Every year for Women’s History Month we celebrate Reno’s dynamic female artists, singer-songwriters, and bands. To kick off this month of shows we’re here with Jessica DaSilva Garrett and the director and partial cast of Good Luck Macbeth’s latest production, the Wolves. We are super excited to have Jessica, one half of buzz worthy duo Só Sol this week and we can’t wait to share inside details about GLM’s newest play. Press play for some great banjo tunes and more!

See Jessica with her band So Sol this Friday, March 8th at Dead Ringer Analog Bar with former podcast guests Bryan Jones and Josiah Knight.

Also with us are the amazing Jessi Briggs and Kristen Carder from Good Luck Macbeth. You’ve seen them in Young Frankenstein and Shakespeare in Love. Now they’re bringing you an exciting play by Sarah DeLappe. From the Facebook page: Left quad. Right quad. Lunge. A girls indoor soccer team warms up. From the safety of their suburban stretch circle, the team navigates big questions and wages tiny battles with all the vim and vigor of a pack of adolescent warriors. A portrait of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for nine American girls who just want to score some goals.

Get your tickets ASAP. Like all GLM productions, this one will sell out.

Thanks to our guests for being on the show this week! We’re back next week with Jen Scafidi and two surprise guests! Head to our Patreon to donate and keep an eye on some special member only perks we’ll have news about soon! Next week we’re back with Jen Scafidi and some secret guests! Thanks for listening!

Condemned Existence

Hello! We’re live from the recent, frozen past this week with podcast virgins Condemned Existence! We’re talking about the state of the Reno scene, Rory throws some shade (and light!), and we ask important questions like “does playing rock and roll get you laid?” (spoiler: not really). It’s always terrifying when the gang bang starts with this much enthusiasm. Press play!

Condemnded Existence describes their sound as a blend of fast thrash parts with groovy rhythms and breaks. They most recently opened for the amazing Ned Flanders themed metal band, Okily Dokily! Their next show is March 22 in Concord. Follow their social medias to keep an eye out for their EP release happening soon.

Thanks to Condemned Existence for being such fun guests! Until we hear from them again, stay busy this weekend. Do something. Be seen! Puke in a strangers garbage can and stumble home from any of these events! Here’s where Kim will be this weekend (check out the event’s calendar at This is Reno for a full listing of the amazing upcoming Reno shows):

Friday – Head to Alturas bar to catch former guest Matt Bushman’s Album Release Show- With Spike McGuire & Gina Rose! 8PM 21+ $10

Saturday – WHERE WERE YOU WHEN SKATE JAM? Don’t miss Jub Jub’s annual all ages skate and punk fest happening this Saturday! It’s the only place you need to be! Don’t miss all our favorites:

Noon-12:25pm – Grimedog
12:40-1:05 – Machine Gun Vendetta
1:20-2:10 – Gromtest (youth division skate contest)
2:25-2:50 – Donkey Jaw
3:05-3:30 – Hilltop Rats
3:45-4:10 – Anti-Vision
4:20-5:30 – Skate Contest
5:45-6:15 – The Elected Officials
6:30-7:10 – Verbal Abuse Official
7:25-8:10 – MDC – Millions Of Dead Cops
8:25-8:55 – Boss’ Daughter
9:10-9:40 – VIQUEEN
9:55-10:25 – United Defiance
10:40-11:10 – Parade of Horribles

Follow the link for more info. $15 All Ages in the big room. 21+ after party in the bar room.

Sunday – The March Divide and Jen Scaffidi at Foxy Olive! Don’t miss this chill Sunday show featuring one of our fav (and babeliest) former guests, Jen Scafidi. 8PM 21+ No cover

Check out Rory’s post for anything after Sunday. I’ll be dead and it’ll probably be Skate Jam’s fault.

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Zack Ryan – Sad Dry Weddings!

Hello and welcome to the Worst Little Podcast! Broadcasting live from the recent past from the Reno-est place ever called Reno in the history of Reno (press play so you’re in on the joke)! We’re here with Zack Ryan from local punk staples Donkey Jaw and Viva Revenge! Zack is premiering his solo stuff this week. Listen up for some exclusive new songs and to hear a recap of the awesome weekend that was the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market. We’ve got creepy ceramic dolls, sad dry weddings, and awkward teenage drinking stories! Listen up!

Zack Ryan sings into microphone and plays guitar at Dogwater Studios in Reno Nevada.
Zack Ryan

Zack is looking to play out solo soon so keep your eyes out for that.
Until then see Zack in action with Donkey Jaw at Skate Jam 6 February 23rd at Jub Jub’s.

Check out This is Reno for a calendar of what to see and do in Reno this weekend!

Big thanks from the folks at the Flea, including yours truly, Kadillac Kim, to Faith and Dave at Jub Jub’s for hosting the RPRFM after party, and Rory at Dead Ringer Analog Bar for hosting our kick off party and for contributing to the ongoing success of our punk scene. I talk to a lot of touring bands and they all love coming to Reno. That’s because of the people who run the venues and the people who consistently come out and support shows. Y’all are the real MVP’s.

Thank you for listening and happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at the Worst Little Podcast. If you like what we do please click through to our Patreon and throw a few bucks Rick’s way. We will continue to record and archive Reno music for free forever, but we would love your help doing it. Show some love to Dogwater Dick and Dogwater Studios! We’re back next week with local metal band Condemned Existence!