Spike McGuire and Fun Home – Graphic Drama

‘Sup, nerds.

It’s time for your weekly installment of the finest lowbrow art and culture that Reno can offer! This week’s antics are brought to you by FRIEND OF THE SHOW, Spike McGuire, and the cast of Fun Home, the Good Luck MacBeth summer musical! Director Jesse Briggs and actors Malary Engstrom and Imani Valle join us. Imani, a young version of the lead character, is one of the youngest guests we have had the pleasure of having on the show. SO, for the first half of the show is a riveting game of “Don’t Cross the Line!” Play along at home and guess who is the first to say something naughty!

Show poster for Fun Home, running July 5-27 at Good Luck MacBeth. details ant tickets available at www.goodluckmacbeth.org

Fun Home opens at GLM Friday, July 5 and runs through July 27, with 14 performances. The Artown opening weekend show is 90 minutes long and only one act, so be sure to get a drink at the bar… and then get a couple more drinks before you walk away. Livers gotta stay hydrated too!

perpetually bald Spike McGuire singing and playing guitar

THEE Spike McGuire is as entertaining as he is loquacious, as usual. Upcoming for him is a really big event – Loud As Folk at the 4th of July at Pignic, Spike will be releasing his new album! Following that, on August 28th, Spike will be headlining the Valhalla Boathouse Showroom!! Featured performers at this prestigious event include Sam Chase, Jesse and Jenny of Dead Winter Carpenters, Rach-bot and Buffalo Moses.

Coming up this weekend is a great show – The Grimtones at Taste of Chicago! ToC is celebrating their 3rd anniversary with a rock show! go see some rad folks and eat some good food, maybe ask for a shot of Malort and tell them the podcast sent ya!

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S9 E15

Lost Idea!

Hello and welcome to this weeks very late episode of the Worst Little Podcast! We’re podcasting live from the recent past, from the happiest studio on the planet! Everyone is here this week to bring you Reno punk rock super group, Lost Idea! We’re talking music, vintage porn, and much, much more! Press play!

According to the band, Lost Idea is a three piece Thrash charged skate punk band mixed with a touch of Acid Rock emerging from the foul smelling depths of Reno’s underworld. Made up of three veteran Reno rockers, Lost Idea is Adam – Bass/Vocals, Matt – Guitar/Vocals, and Andrew – Drums. Lost Idea’s next show is July 26th at Sheas’s. Be sure not to miss that show.

Big thanks to the band for spending their Monday night with us and for sharing all the porn stories. We will cherish them forever. If you appreciate what we do here at the Worst Little Podcast, head to our Patreon page! For $5 or more per month you get access to our exclusive sound check show! You get to hear the bands *before* they get drunk!

As always, thanks for listening! We’re back next week with awesome Reno metal legends, Claymore! Remember, life is short and we love you.

Delani White and The KGB

How are you feeling today, my podcast family? I hope you had as fantastic and frantic weekend as we did! But, more on that later…

Up this week, we have a good friend of the show, Delani White! Delani has been a consistent performer and draw in Reno music spots for a number of years. In fact, she was a past guest of Rev. Rory’s First Friday at Foxy Olive! More about her during the show!

Delani White, smiling with her guitar
Delani White

A prolific songwriter, Delani came equipped with a bunch of new songs for us this week – including the secret Patreon subscriber exclusive! Give early , give often, and you too can download exclusive music content AND have the comfortable warm feeling of being a philanthropist helping a struggling podcast!

a closeup of Kyle Gass and Nick Ramirez in black and white
Kyle Gass and Nick Ramirez

As you may know, Marianarchy XV was a great success, as usual. The bands were cold and the beer was rocking! Nick and The Rev. are personally thankful of all the bands and donations and volunteering and good that went into the event to help out Shelby Paxton. We do good for ourselves, Reno, Thank You!

One of the highlights of the event was the concurrent show of One Ton Dually opening up for The Kyle Gass Band on Saturday night. Once again The KGB put on a helluva show for the fans!

Nick Ramirez and Mike Bray of The Kyle Gass Band smiling backstage
Mike Bray and Nick

I’ll shut up now so you can enjoy the episode.

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Blue Envy – Episode 350

Hellooooooooooooooo, podcast fans!

It is I, your very own Reverend, back in the blogging seat once more! I’m happy to be able to bring you our 350th episode, a true landmark for all of us. We thank you all for supporting us along the way and your continued patreon-ship (see what I did there?). Here’s to another 350!

Max and Keva, a caucasian mana nd african american woman, smiling broadly with a capture of rick in the mirror
Max and Keva of Blue Envy – and Dick!

This week, Kim booked one of her favorite local acts, but new-to-the-rest-of–us, Blue Envy Blue Envy is Max and Keva, a smooth and powerful indie rock duo from the RNO. Keva and Max didn’t know exactly what to expect or what they signed up for, which is the way we like it! However, they ended up having a good time – we think.

Keva, smiling behind an acoustic guitar

Kim unfortunately could not make it to the show this week due to a family crisis. We send her all of our love and hope to have her back behind the mic just as soon as she is able. Chewie, on the other hand, is just stuck in a mine again. He has sammiches and a flashlight and we hope to see him eventually.

Max singing and playing bass whilst sitting on a stool

There’s lots of stuff going on in town this week. I should know, I’ve had to declien lots of invites, because the only thing I’ve got on my calendar is Marianarchy Marianarchy Marianarchy!

That’s right – Marianarchy XV: A Benefit for Shelby Paxton is upon us! Shelby is a good friend of the show and a long time service industry worker in the scene. She unfortunately was involved in a car accident some moths ago, requireing immediate surgery and a long recuperation, which is death in the service industry. We are only happy to help our friend.

This Year’s Lineup includes:

Reno We Have A Problem, Vague Choir, Heterophobia, Flood Fire Death Drought, Moons Of Vega, Todd Ballowe, Matt Howlett, Doyle Stewart, Nick Ramirez, Ozymandias, Condemned Existence, The Shames, Grimedog, XxX, Wily Savage,Ummm Jr., Dysfunctional , Johnny Harpo, Zach Ryan, Tom Plunkett, and Princess Bombs

As an added bonus, One Ton Dually will be opening for the Kyle Gass Band in the showroom on Saturday night! The OTD will be up at 9pm with KGB taking the stage at 10pm. Marianarchy will continue throughout the night though – think of it as a befgore and after party too! Unfortunately, tickets to see the KGB and OTD are a separate purchase. But if you come to Day one on Friday, you may have a chance to win tickets to see the show in the raffle! Or you can buy some from Nick or Rory!

An image of Rick Spagnola caught in the background mirror
Mirror Dick

As always, my constant listeners: Thanks for listening!