Prince Robot – Broken Things

The Worst Little Podcast – S7 E5 – Download Link

This week’s podcast welcomes self-described hot trash from the desert, Prince Robot. With a no-fucks-given playing style and old-skool punk rock tendencies, these (mostly) Reno natives are cutting a swath across the Reno underground music scene.

Jeff King – Voted most likely to disappoint Christina Ricci in bed.

Prince Robot is playing at one of Reno’s most infamous venues, Shea’s Tavern, on March 26th. Be sure to catch them along with Reno favorites Boss’ Daughter and New York’s own American Pinup that night. In the meantime catch them here talking about sex (I would disappoint Christina Ricci in bed too, Jeff) drugs, rock and roll, and my favorite topic, Rory’s sore wrists.

Channeling ginger rage into the mic is Lynne Carpenter.

Alex Alcantar of Prince Robot. Master of rocket science guitar wizardry.


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Evil Ash – Down and Dirty

Road rash for your ears!

The Worst Little Podcast – S7 E4 – Download Link

On this weeks episode of Little House on the Prairie Worst Little Podcast we learn about the birds and the bees punk rock! It’s as simple as one-two-three-four! Helping us learn about punk rock (can you say ‘punk rock?’ I knew you could), is Reno’s very own Evil Ash! Evil Ash has been mixing it up at low-brow venues across our fair city for the last couple of years. It was high time they stopped by Dogwater for a session.

Patrick – the smart one

We had a lot of fun talking to them – lots of short fast songs too! But unfortunately, Evil Ash don’t have anything lined up firmly yet (Rick made sure no one was firm at the end of the show). You other bands, looking for someone to play with (like Rick… or Freebird) need to get these boys on a bill with you.

Johnny – the pretty one

In other Reno news, please come out and see Eric Foreman perform at Foxy First Friday this weekend. Also be sure to catch Eddie and the Subtitles with Crawling Out and DJ 50 Spence at Shea’s!! Old SKOOL NITE!

Freebird – the Clamper


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Josiah Knight –

Well look at what the cat dragged in!

The Worst Little Podcast S7 E3 – Download Link

Josiah Knight, a folk/Americana singer/songwriter from Reno, NV, stops by the studio again at the top of Season 7. Longtime supporter of the show (check out his episode from Season 3), Josiah remains quite active in the Reno music scene, becoming a staple performer at many an acoustic or folk showcase, like Reno’s own Loud As Folk. In fact, his song is available on the Loud As Folk website:

Josiah knight, cloaked in beard and guitar and microphones

Josiah Knight

Josiah is hitting the road here in a few days to bring his own brand of murder ballads to lovely and vibrant Southern Oregon for a few weeks. Please check him out and support him in his travels. He’s a swell dude with a luxurious and regal beard.

In other news – SK8 JAM at Jub Jubs is just one week away, the think tank for Return To Nowhere is spooling up this weekend out at Middlegate Station. Friend of the show, Brian Jackson tells us that we should be looking out for Brother Paul , a blues musician from the Stockton area who has recently released his album “Cadillac Pickup Truck”, a retrospective of his last 10 years of writing and playing blues and rock.


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Flood Fire Death Drought – Episode 250

Yeah, Bruh – 250

The Worst Little Podcast – S7 E2 – 2017 02 06

a closeup of Kyle's armpit that looks like a tight butt

hot or not?

Two hunnert and fitty! Thank you. Not just for listening. Not just for being with us. Not just for supporting us. But for supporting the Reno music scene that we are so luckily able to be peripherally (and directly at times) a part of . It has been our pleasure and privilege to have brought you over 200 recordings of Reno-oriented bands and musicians. We have become a living history of our city’s music culture (with inappropriate and irrelevant commentary). We would have no reason to do it without the encouragement and support of all of the listeners. We would have quit years ago because no one cares, like Phil Ochs, but we can see you listening, like the NSA. Thank you, (beautiful little pawns) our loyal audience.

Ian smiling broadly with a beer behind his drumset.

Ian Callahan

For Episode 250, we are happy and pleased to bring you the basement punk rock stylings of Reno’s own Flood Fire Death Drought. I’d call them all young dudes, but they’re regular adults with jobs and wives and shit and that would just belie my own advancing years. So – these Reno kids, you see (cause we’re all kids in Reno) play some pretty spiffy music. If you’ve ever passed out at an all-ages house party in Reno in the last 25 years, you might recognize some of what they are doing. Not that you necessarily have seen them , but they are “Reno as fuck”.

Kris Kelly - smiling broadly in a black shirt - do you really know what a black shirt looks like? Is this joke insensitive? Who really talks to you in the Alt Text field? I do. Cause I love you

Kris Kelly

Flood Fire Death Drought is Kris Kelly (Guitar, Vocals), Kyle Azzam (Bass, Back-up Vocals), Ian Callahan (Drums, Back-up Vocals). We really had a great time with them, both as personalities and as musicians. I think we all, to a man, really dug the tunes they were throwing down. They were also perverted heathens, but respectful gents at the same time. Thoroughly delightful, as people and as a band,

Kyle pretending to pee in a toilet with his back turned to you, but looking over his shoulder.

Kyle Azzam (not hot)

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