Saber Tooth Dragons and Ashley Marie James – Sláinte Mhaith!

Need a little Irish in ya?

The Worst Little Podcast – 2015 03 14 – Download Link

The drunken debauchery starts here! Welcome to the St. Patrick’s Day episode! Saber Tooth Dragons are up on tap and they brought the mayhem. (overboard? Overboard. Edit? nah.) Matt Bode, Adam Dick, Andrew Hockenberry and Myke Read are behind this operation. The Reno NV punk band has been playing for about a year, combining members of other Reno bands you may have heard of (Machine Gun Vendetta, Infecto Skeletons, Del Mar) and are kinda really killing it.

Myke Read

Myke Read

Andrew Hockenberry - Saber Tooth Dragons - drums

Andrew Hockenberry

You can catch Saber Tooth Dragons TONIGHT! On St. Patrick’s Day at the official starting line of the walk of shame, Shea’s Tavern, with a bunch of other bands. Show starts right around Rock and Roll time… which gives you plenty of time to catch the 7:30 opening night showing of “Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll“, a play by Eric Bogosian, right next door at Good Luck Macbeth Theater. Director Ashley Marie James also is hanging in the studio, taking the place of our very own Nick Ramirez, who is in the show and at rehearsal (again). It’s only got a limited run of SIX SHOWS so this might be your best opportunity to see it. Get your tickets now!

Matt Bode - Saber Tooth Dragons - Guitar/vox

Matt Bode

Ashley James - "Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll" - Director

Ashley James

So, now, thanks to us, you have your St. Pat’s festivities planned – “Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll” at Good Luck Macbeth, then Saber Tooth Dragons at Shea’s! Go do it! Do it now!

Thanks for Listening!

Newbound and Vickie Gordon – Do Stupid Things

Aaaaand we are BACK! Ha HA!

The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E5 – Download link

Thank you for your patience, please enjoy the complementary mimosas with this episode [NOT INCLUDED]. A big big BIG, sloppy-with-tongue “thank you” to Senior Production Assistant, Nate Sanders for filling in for the Rev while he was away. It’s good to be back, refreshed and invigorated! To that end, we invited Newbound – a new sound in the Reno music collage – to play on the show. Newbound is a Reno, NV post-punk rock band featuring Dana Deitrich, Ry Stolz, Nick Viland  and Kyle Campbell. They’ve got shoegaze appeal, angsty yelling, thoughtful lyrics and fantastic melodic noise jams.

Dana Dietrich - Bass Kyle Campbell - Guitars, Vocals

Fine lads, the lot of em. You can check them out all over social media, their website and music sharing sites – but you really ought to get a hold of them for a Newbound CD – I really like their debut EP. More importantly, go check them out at their show at the end of the month, on March 30, at PB&J’s opening for the I Set My Friends on Fire tour. It will be worth it.

Nick Viland - Guitars Ry Stoltz - Drums

Also joining us this week is one of the Rev’s favorite people in the world: Reno comic, drinking buddy and purveyor of fine flannels, the lovely and talented Vickie Gordon. In addition to busting chops, Vickie is also on the show to promote next weekend’s Ladies of Laughter Comedy Show. Hosted by Sally Mauldin, and with special guests Vickie Gordon and Josie Spadoni, the Ladies of Laughter (LOL!) comedy show stars none other than Kat Simmons, an internationally featured comedian and public speaker. It’s a pretty solid lineup, laugh-o-philes; go see some real comedy at a show!

vickie gordon

Hella. It’s good to be back.

Thanks for Listening!

(oh yeah – there’s a new intern – Fake Rick)

Blacklisted – Crab legs and Narcos

Silly Pagans and blood sausage.

The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E4 – Download Link

This week we have Blacklisted which consists of Freddy and Derek.  You may know them from Corner/Store – formerly The Tides.  They are currently an instrumental band.  However, they are looking for a singer.  Bassist could be necessary as well.  Inquire within.

Derek Todd, sticks high

Typically this is when we would tell you where to see them live next.  Not the case this time.  They are still working on their thing.  Keep an eye on the Blacklisted Facebook page for updates.  This weekend at Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor will be Skate Jam 2016 though.  Plenty of great bands playing that event.


Freddy Daisuke, pondering the meaning of nothing

Everyone send Rick a little love.  Think about him, hug him when you see him next, send him an “I’m thinking about you” text, or hug someone you love right now because life is short, and we all love you.

Here is a picture of Nick that is full of more cool than you can shake a stick at:

Nick Ramirez, more dapper than you

CRUSH – Start stuffing words in there!

Gollum in a wizard’s hat.

The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E3 – Download Link

Valentine’s Day draws near, Reverend Rory is out of the country, and we get that loving feeling with the lads of CRUSH. Aaron, Daniel, and Jimmy talk about getting the band back together, their newer direction, and how Pharrell killed their “Happy.” Check out how they define fuzz rock with their new tunes.

Aaron Sion, deep thoughts


At Jub Jub’s this Friday you can rock out at Bands for Bernie. The Atomiks, Roxxy Collie, Wheatstone Bridge, Mikie Shame & Nick Ramirez will all be playing. On Saturday Spectre Records will be celebrating their one year anniversary with a concert in their store. Alphabet Cult, People With Bodies, and Flores will be playing. Based on what Dogwater Dick had to say, you should be keeping an ear out for some new Murderock soon.

Daniel Sion, melting hearts with a shy smile


Catch CRUSH this Friday, February 12, at MidTown Wine Bar. Fun starts at 8 P.M., goes until 11 P.M., it is 21+, and there is no cover. That means FREE! Grab your date and get your V.D. started early.

Jimmy Dunn, coffee toasting to good times


Go hug someone, tell them they are beautiful, and let them know they are loved! Then go catch a show.