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The Fellow Knees – Folk Off

Well shut the front door!

The Worst Little Podcast 2016 07 11

It’s a fantastic podcast straight out of the Dogwater Studios – sans The Reverend! The Fellow Knees breeze through the studio before they leave Reno on a “tour”, couch surfing across the Pacific Northwest in their bid for world domination. The Fellow Knees are Lex White and Zach Ostgaard, a home-free folk/Americana/bluegrass duo. While they might seem a train-wreck, these boys sure have the goods.

Lex White laughing over his guitar with a full red beard

Lex White

The Fellow Knees willed themselves into existence sometime in the very recent past, evolving out of the Reno underbelly of open mics and riverside jam-sessions. Their quest is murky; their purpose, unclear; but they are golden hearted and undaunted. And really – some fine fine musicianship right here, both with the instruments and the voices. This episode is a real treat.

Rick Baker, closeup of his bald head, heavily photoshopped

The enigmatic, Mr. Baker

Also, in the studio, we have WLP’s own Rick “Mr. Baker” Baker. Mr. Baker was a contestent/featured artist at the first annual Reno Chalk Art Festival. He made pretty things and hurt his body for art. Listen to the full story on the show!

Anyway, catch you in three weeks with Sit Kitty Sit!
Thanks for Listening!

Low La La – Let’s Really Focus on the Band

Happy ‘Merica Time!

The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E16

WARNING: Do not operate heavy machinery or operate a motor vehicle whilst listening to the songs on this podcast. 

We are pleased to welcome Hannah Etchison and Cody Thomas of Low La La back onto the podcast this week. Our favorite sweet sweet songbirds came back on right before the last tour of their single lives! You can catch their mini-tour kickoff show up in Virginia City this Saturday at The Canvas Cafe. They are just going out for a bit for the summer before coming back home to focus on more domestic things.

Cody Thomas of Low La La laughing

Cody Thomas

If you haven’t caught them before, Low La La is a singer-songwriter duo from Reno NV specializing in original tunes for the stringed instruments and simple percussion. Also whistling even. They write some terribly beautiful music together with thoughtful, often personal, lyrics. The two of them, Hannah and Cody, are also a blast personally and especially indulgent of their friends, as you will hear on the show.

Hannah Etchison of Low La La smiling

Hannah Etchison

Go see their show. Cody is a potter and will have many of his wares for sale at the event. Go like them on Facebook. These two are a great local talent. Support that shit.

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Athena McIntyre and the Lost Boys – Gold Star

Aw. Yeeah.

The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E14

Hope you didn’t miss us too much over the break – but we missed you! While we were out, we found some troublesome buskers hanging around and decided to give them a shot: Athena McIntyre and the Lost Boys walked into the studio this week and owned it, like they been here all along.

Athena McIntyre, holding a guitar and smiling, with sunlight behind her

Athena McIntyre, Eli Paxton and Aaron Long make up this breathtaking trio. They are gearing up for a lengthy tour of the Southwest soon, but you can catch them this weekend all around Reno and Carson. Gotta listen to the show to get the deets!

Eli Paxton, smiling while holding a bass

Aaron Long smiling broadly, holding his violin

Summers getting started – lots of great things happening in the community. Go see stuff!


Thanks for listening!

Dusty Miles and the Cryin’ Shame – Bringin’ Country Back


The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E13 – Download Link

This week, we roll up our slee, stick some straw in our teeth and hold on tight for a humdinger of a good time … a really filthy, filthy humdinger. Dusty Miles, Rico, Chris and Danny from Dusty Miles and the Cryin’ Shame stop in to give us some pointers about the finer things of country. Not that crap on the radio, but true American music.

Dusty Miles, lead singer and rhythm guitar for Dusty Miles and the Cryin' Shame

Dusty Miles


Eric "Rico' Peterson, lead guitar and lap steel for Dusty Miles and the Cryin' Shame



Chris Rock'n'Rodgers, upright bass for Dusty Miles and the Cryin' Shame

Chris Rock’n’Rodgers


Danny Horton, drummer for Dusty Miles and the Cryin'Shame

Danny Horton

We also have the pleasure of having Jamie Crush, Reno based artist and model, who is organising “Solitude – A Benefit for My Journey Home”. My Journey Home is an organization that seeks to help veterans and former inmates re-integrate with society in any number of ways.  The event will be on June 10th at the Isles Teahouse in Midtown.

JJamie Crush, Reno artist and model

Jamie “we all have a” Crush


Lastly, we are changing format to two shows a month, instead of weekly. Sorry, loyal listeners, but this is a chance for us to spend more time on shows, giving you a better product. Thank you for understanding.



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