Mallory Mishler – Mega-ma-phone

Hot buns! Get your hot buns here!

Worst Little Podcast – S 6 E 22 – Download Link

I am excited and pleased to announce the the podcast will be returning to a weekly format!!!! Our experiment failed – you like us far better if we post every week! Dogwater Dick has been so very lonely on Mondays without us, too, so here we are. You may hear a little less of Reverend Rory as he pursues some of his other passions (like Silence! the Musical – a muscal parody of Silence of the Lambs that opens Sept 30 at Good Luck Macbeth), but that means we may be giving more mic time to Mr. Baker, Chewie, Stryse and maybe even Intern X (but probably not).

closeup of Mallory Mishler with a guitar in the desert

Miss Mallory

This week, we bring you the awesomeness of Miss Mallor Mishler, good friend of the show and prolific Reno artist and musician. Mallory is also the mind behind the Reno Tarot Project, which may be finished sometime this century, if we all hold our breath. Mallory is also a fantastic guitar player and singer – being one of Reverend Rory’s own inspirations to pick up the axe. She shares some songs with us today!


Mallor mishler playing guitar on the playa at Burning Man

At the BRC

Mallory also talks a lot about Burning Man this week. You have been warned.

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7-Out – In All Directons

Dust off your dancin’ shoes and get down with this

Worst Little Podcast 08 29 2016 – Download Link


7-Out, a Reno rock/rap/funk/psychedelic band.

7-Out all together as one

Shaughn Richardson

Shaughn Richardson

Stephen Sperber

Stephen Sperber

Calib Advincula

Calib Advincula

Kevin Wilfon

Kevin Wilfon

Sit Kitty Sit – Hot Karl Bach


The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E19

They are back and in perfect form – ladies and gentlemen, our good friends, Sit Kitty Sit!! Mike Thompson and Kat Downs are back in the studio for their yearly pilgrimage to Dogwater Studios – and this year, it was just for fun! They literally came to Reno to be on our podcast and play the most amazing songs for us to share with you! That not only includes the new track “Creeping”, but also a completely new, unrecorded track!!! (SKS fans should be changing their underwear right about now….twice)

Kat Downs, singer and pianist for Sit Kitty Sit, smoling while holding a lavender flower of some sort form the Dogwater Gardens

Kat ‘Flowers Make Me Happy’ Downs

The show is kind of a mess – but its always a good mess with SKS. The first 40 minutes are literally just hanging out with them and saying hello. Jump ahead if you want – they then play a block of 4(?) songs, ripping into us with the opening songs of their current set. FUCK! They’re so good! Sit Kitty Sit is jut moments (or weeks) away from heading back out to the East Coast to do an end of summer tour in Mike’s homeland. It’s a little ‘open ended’ of a tour, so if you know of a venue that needs them in the NE US, just hit them up on Facebook the night before you want them there. I’m sure it’ll be no problem.

Mike Thompson, drummer for Sit Kitty Sit, winking and 'shooting' at the camera with a 'finger gun'

Mike “How Do You Like Your Eggs” Thompson

The most interesting things happen to these folks. It’s not just cause they know how to find the coolest things; they create an atmosphere for cool things to happen to them. We all should be a little more like Sit Kitty Sit. Drink the Kool-Aid.

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Mike Thompson, Drummer for Sit Kitty Sit, with his headphones on his head and drum mallets in hand


Tod Ballowe – Insert Witty Title

Hey kids!

Worst Little Podcast – S6 E18

Todd Ballowe, noted Reno musician, performer and bon vivant, comes by the studios this week, bringing the ever lovely Jole Rector along as well. I’m sure it was swell, but Reverend Rory was not in attendance. Intern X only took two pictures – FAIL!. Nick is playing at Pignic tonight, Thursday 8/4/16 with Loud as Folk. Reverend Rory has Foxy First Friday with Delani White. Go see some stuff.

Todd Ballowe with his guitar

Todd Ballowe

Jole Rector stares out the doorway contemplatively, whilst holding a chihuaha

Jole Rector


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