PUSHBoX – New Utterances

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The Worst Little Podcast in the World – S6 E26

We are so happy to have this week’s guests in studio with us. PUSHBoX invades the studio this week and rocks our socks off with some tunes, old and new! PUSHBoX is a rock band from Reno, NV, comprised of Georgia Maestro, Michael Grover and Patrick Williams, all long time Reno musicians and artists. While many listeners may remember them from the early 2000’s, PUSHBoX is a relevant musical force once more. Having reformed a few months ago, the are taking Reno by storm.

Georgia Maestro smiling broadly.

Happy to be here

After taking a 7 year hiatus, PUSHBoX is back out there playing shows again and attracting a whole new generation of listeners. The accolades are well deserved as their sound and technique has matured, if not their personalities. (A bunch of 6th graders, they are.)

Michael Grover pleasantly smiling with a buddha statue over his shoulder

Buddha approves

You’ll be able to catch PUSHBoX soon. They are playing at The Saint with the Asphalt Socialites on Halloween weekend – 10/28/16. So mark that on your calendar and be there, jerky!

Patrick Williams amking a goofy face


Reverend Rory, Michael Grover, Geordia Maestro and Patrick Williams mug for the camera in various poses.

PUSHBoX and The Rev after the show

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The Lost Ones – Gingers with Soul

Good Gawd!

The Worst Little Podcast in the World – S6 E25

OK, so no everyone in the band is a ginger, but they all have been touched by a little of that Motown sound. (Think less The Temptations and more Joe Cocker fronting a punk band.) The Lost Ones are a soul/rock band from Reno NV, featuring seasoned troubadours Garrett Donovan – (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Aaron Foelsch – (Keyboard/Vocals), John Grinde – (Drums), Todd Imus – (Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals) and Devon Miller – (Bass Guitar/Vocals). WIth only one show under their belt, they are technically one of the greenest bands we’ve ever had on the show, but don’t let that fool ya. They have a tight, fresh sound that is obviously well rehearsed, no matter what the other bands say.


John Grinde mic check

Little John Grinde

Todd McNulty smiling gently


John Grinde - (Drums)

Suprised Garrett

Devon Miller smiling broadly

Devon – happy to be here

Aaron Foelsch resting his chin on his fists

Angry Aaron

The Lost Ones are really stunning. They’re bringing back old sounds in a new way – mostly with moar whiskey and beer. You can catch them in a couple weeks on November 3rd at Shea’s Tavern with In the Whale. This should be a great show – so great that they’ll all stay up past their bedtimes.

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Silence! the Musical – All Hail the Villains!

OH, Good! You’re here.

The Worst Little Podcast in the World – S6 E24

It’s time once more to have players from Good Luck MacBeth’s Fall Farcical on the show. This year, the offering is “Silence! The Musical”, an extremely irreverent spoof of 1991’s “Silence of the Lambs”. If you’ve been keeping score at home, you know that Reverend Rory is one of those players and he’s back on the show this week as a really mouthy guest. He is portraying the smarmy and douchey Dr. Chilton. Joining him are his cast mates and leading men of the show, Cody Canon (Buffalo Bill) and Ryan Kelly (Hannibal Lecter). Cody is an accomplished  acrobat, physical performer and stage-hound; while Ryan has made his mark as a powerful singer and actor on many Reno stages in recent years. Between the three of them, they are the major and minor villains of the show.

Cody Canon and Ryal Kelly smiling broadly

Cody’s shirt makes it look like he’s lactating. Ryan is unfazed…and inviting.

We are also joined on the show, via digital technology (a cellphone), Assistant Director, Dance Captain and the surliest of all the lambs, good friend of the show, Ashley Marie James. We have a toast with her over the phone and chat a little about the show… and a lot about other things. Unfortunately we were not able to have any music for the show on the podcast (that would be giving away too much). But our man in the past, Archivist Chewbacca comes through by way of an early 90’s Satan’s Pimp Release – the G.O.B./ Loadstar split 7″. We also have an exclusive track from Vague Choir‘s newest (unreleased!!) album! After 6 years, we still bring you the newest Reno music we can get our hands on.

Ashley Marie James and Rory Dowd looking frightened and awkward

Ashley and Rory having fun backstage!

If you’d like to come see “Silence! The Musical”, you can still get tickets (for now) at  http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2432180.


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Me Time – Overage Overdrive

Cowabunga, dudes!


Reno punk rockers will never die! They just get older and have more brittle bones! Speaking of which: we are happy to welcome Randall “The Wolf” Wolf, Morgan “Gordo” Miller, Craig “Crag” Allan, Paddy “Ninja Rick” Landes, and Sasha Mereu of Me Time, a Reno NV punk rock band, to the show today. These guys are loud, fast, sloppy, old, and a buncha drunks! Well, I assume they are, because, as you may be aware, Reverend Rory is not at the podcasts currently. But he did catch them at Shea’s a few weeks ago and had a blast watching them play. (Frankly, they were a blast, while the Ataris were ho-hum. I mean really – Birkenstocks? If you were at the show, you know.)

Mogan Miller winking and giving a thumbs up


Paddy Landes making a funny face

Ninja Rick

Randall Wolf making a funny face

The Wolf

Sasha Mereu making a funny face


Craig Allen Making a funny face


Me Time has a new CD out that you can listen to online or throw a few bucks their way if you want to download it (you should – punk rock music is cheap, but playing it isn’t).


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