Shames, Subtitles and Sleepwalking

Happy Turkey Day, turkeys!

The Worst Little Podcast in the World S6 E30 – Download Link!

We’ve got an odd little show here. A lot of fun though. Mikie and Penny from The Shames hang out with us and talk a lot about their new project – Eddie and the Subtitles, a new version of a classic band. You can get a taste of what they sound like with some unreleased raw tracks featuring Mikie, Penny, Eddie and Spencer Benenavides.

Penny From The Shames and Eddie and the Subtitles, Reno NV punk rock


We also talk with Mikie and Chewie about sleepwalking. There was a whole show around this that didn’t happen, but we’ve got some funny stories.

Mikie From The Shames and Eddie and the Subtitles, Reno NV punk rock


Well, I’ve got a plane to catch, but we love you. Enjoy your holiday and be safe.

THANKS for listening.

Murderock –

Death! Destruction! Fear! Fire! Foes!

The-Worst-Little-Podcast-2016-11-14 – Download Link

Put your neck on the chopping block that is Murderock!

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freddie with mask and machete

Freddie Ferox

Franky Ferox

Franky Ferox

ú∝”·ß›⊗↵♦♠Οfrigtened and swweating profusely∑∗⊕⌉⌋↵áΟεΒ

Sammi Ferox

Sammi Ferox


Paulie Ferox

Paulie Ferox

Zachy Ferox

Zachy Ferox


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The Electric 2 – Breakin’ Boogaloo

It’s a whole new world!!!!

The Worst Little Podcast in the World S6 E28 – Download Link

This is Rock and Roll. This is the good chit. This is… The Electric! Billy Gunn West, Darin Goslar and Brooklyn Reiff join us in the illustrious Dogwater Studios for some talk and rock. The Electric is a self-described “high-octane, hip-shaking, greasy, rock-n-roll trio from Reno, NV.”

I really couldn’t do it any better justice myself. These guys are cookin’ with jet fuel!

Brooklyn Reiff at his drumkit in the distance


We take a minute before we get to the LIVE MUSIC (you can speed up to the 41:00 min mark if you really don’t care about what’s been happening), but we do a bit of a recap of all the great things in Reno, includinhg Halloween and The Forte Awards! Lots of great things happening in this town. No matter what. (This is all pre-election, so we don’t know about the outcome of anything!)

Darin GOslar in rear profile


By the way – Intern X took the pictures. She did not understand the concept. She will be flayed… but only a little.

The back of Billy Gunn West's head

Billy Gunn 

Catch the Electric on Friday, Nov 25 with perennial favorites, Hellbound Glory!

We love you all.

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Mark Earnest – Juggernaut

MMMmmmm…. It’s a good one.

The Worst Little Podcast in the World – S6 E27 – Download Link

Just in time for the Halloween Season, we get the all-new jet-fueled sounds of The Sister’s Doom! That’s right! Mark Earnest, Reno music deity, brings in some unreleased tracks from the as-yet unreleased The Sister’s Doom album. Just in time, because they announced this week that their final show will be this coming Friday, November 4!! We also get to listen to Mark play a little live music before he bores of us and decides we must be destroyed.

Mark Earnest looking magestic

…just a regular guy…

Oh! and – sorry for the late post this week. It was delayed by the Annual Dogwater Punkin’ Carving party this week. And Reverend Rory may have injured himself, accidentally, while stretching… We apologize for the delay in transmission, but hey, a late podcast is better than none at all, amirite? Here’s what you may have missed:

a mess 'o jack'o'lanterns



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