Silver – Untarnished

Welcome to a whole new year, mofos!

The Worst Little Podcast in the World S6 E34

We hope you all had a happy and safe new year; we sure did. Starting things off with a bang is Silver, self-described as “American Roots Music” and  featuring the musical stylings of Adam Landis, Brendon Lund, Jeff Knight, Josh Kisor and Greg Gilmore. Unfortunately, Mr. Landis was not able to attend this evening’s recording as he was indisposed. “Indisposed, HOW?” you say? Well, according to all best information he “split his face open on NYE”. Not the Landis moneymaker, no!!!!! However, the band was still able to pull of a couple songs without his talents. (We wish him a speedy recovery)

greg gilmore rhythm guitar and singer for Silver


brendon lund, bassist for Silver


In addition to some canned music with Landis on it, we got the rest of they guys in Silver to play us a couple songs live! It’s really some good stuff with strong music. This is high energy, high talent, Reno supergroup material; they’ll will make you wanna dance, drink or argue – and possibly all three. With a number of high-profile shows under their belt, they are looking forward to playing with Failure Machine and Joan and the Rivers at The Loving Cup on Feb 17. You can also catch Greg Gilmore at The Jungle on Jan 27 and in a short set this Friday at Foxy First Friday at the Foxy Olive ! The man gets around.

Jeff Knight, drummer for Silver


Josh Kisor, Lead guitar for Silver


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Athena McIntyre and the Lost Boys – Gold Star

Aw. Yeeah.

The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E14

Hope you didn’t miss us too much over the break – but we missed you! While we were out, we found some troublesome buskers hanging around and decided to give them a shot: Athena McIntyre and the Lost Boys walked into the studio this week and owned it, like they been here all along.

Athena McIntyre, holding a guitar and smiling, with sunlight behind her

Athena McIntyre, Eli Paxton and Aaron Long make up this breathtaking trio. They are gearing up for a lengthy tour of the Southwest soon, but you can catch them this weekend all around Reno and Carson. Gotta listen to the show to get the deets!

Eli Paxton, smiling while holding a bass

Aaron Long smiling broadly, holding his violin

Summers getting started – lots of great things happening in the community. Go see stuff!


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Dusty Miles and the Cryin’ Shame – Bringin’ Country Back


The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E13 – Download Link

This week, we roll up our slee, stick some straw in our teeth and hold on tight for a humdinger of a good time … a really filthy, filthy humdinger. Dusty Miles, Rico, Chris and Danny from Dusty Miles and the Cryin’ Shame stop in to give us some pointers about the finer things of country. Not that crap on the radio, but true American music.

Dusty Miles, lead singer and rhythm guitar for Dusty Miles and the Cryin' Shame

Dusty Miles


Eric "Rico' Peterson, lead guitar and lap steel for Dusty Miles and the Cryin' Shame



Chris Rock'n'Rodgers, upright bass for Dusty Miles and the Cryin' Shame

Chris Rock’n’Rodgers


Danny Horton, drummer for Dusty Miles and the Cryin'Shame

Danny Horton

We also have the pleasure of having Jamie Crush, Reno based artist and model, who is organising “Solitude – A Benefit for My Journey Home”. My Journey Home is an organization that seeks to help veterans and former inmates re-integrate with society in any number of ways.  The event will be on June 10th at the Isles Teahouse in Midtown.

JJamie Crush, Reno artist and model

Jamie “we all have a” Crush


Lastly, we are changing format to two shows a month, instead of weekly. Sorry, loyal listeners, but this is a chance for us to spend more time on shows, giving you a better product. Thank you for understanding.



Donner and the Cannibals – Bitchrock!

S6 E13

It’s not angry women….

In the ceaseless ebb and flow of the creation and destruction cycle of Reno bands, you sometimes get something intriguing and unique. Other times, you’re left with music like Donner and the Cannibals, a Reno punk/folk trio. Donner and the Cannibals is comprised of Craig Schrader, Rachel Barr and Aaron Foelsh, all previous guests of the show in other bands.

Craig Schrader, guitar and vocals

Rick calls it “bitchrock” but Nick and the Rev know protest punk when we hear it. Good stuff – pretty and angry.

Aaron Foelsh

Please don’t forget to join us at Marianarchy XII this weekend! Friday and Saturday, Nick and Reverend Rory will be hosting the 30+ band event as a benefit for Kula Dunn, good friend of the community and ECV, who had his legs broken in a hit and run incident last year. Help us raise him some walking money. As usual, there will be a silent auction and raffle..

Rachel Barr, bass

Thanks for listening!