Michelle Pappas – Mixing It Up

Aaaaand we’re back! Again!

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E7 – Download Link

Thanks for bearing with us while we settle into the new studio! It’s been a rough month for us all and we have had some technical issues. However, we welcome into the studio the prolifically awesome Michelle Pappas! We are also joined by Jeffrey and Adam from the TMCC Theater!

Micgelle Pappas


Jeffrey Bently


Adam from TMCC Theater


Nick and Jamie take the reigns on this one as The Rev was out of town on a family vacation – Road Trip to Vegas. So enjoy the show. I have no idea of what’s on it since I didn’t get in until late last night and haven’t had a chance. See you next week and:

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Tooth of Crime: New Digs, Booga

Choogin, baybay, choogin!

The Worst Little Podcast – 2015 03 02

I am so conflicted about this episode!!!! First, we have the cast from “Tooth of Crime” on, which is so awesome; second, Jamie hosted the show in its entirety, which is good and bad (good that she can handle it, bat that my job is at stake now); and finally – it’s the last episode ever from beautiful suburban Sparks! What is this world coming to?!?!

Dave Richards

Dave has found something!

Lew Zaumeyer


“Tooth of Crime” is a play written, and then later re-written, by Sam Sheppard. It involves live music, cars and fire. It is dangerous theater. It is a play that has not always been well received. It is a play that may have never been done correctly, even when directed by the author. A small group of actors from Reno believe that they can pull it off like no one has.

Scott Dundas and Jill Marlene

Scott/Chaser and Jill/Becky Lou

Nick Ramirez


Director Dave Richards brings most of his cast and the band to the studio with him to talk about the upcoming performances. He is joined by Lew Zaumeyer (Hoss), Jill Marlene (Becky Lou), Scott Dundas (Chaser), Andy Luna (Crow), Nick Ramirez (Meera), Rory Dowd (Rudio Ran) from the cast and also Jeff Done, Pat Mayfield, Dave Masud and Chris Fox from the Reno “Tooth of Crime” band. For a last session, we crammed so many people in that the whole band AND Reverend Rory had to sit in the living room! That’s why Jamie got to host the show! (I knew you were wondering)

Rory Dowd

Rory/Rudio Ran


Jeff Done on bass

Jesus watches over Jeff

If you’re interested in seeing the show, Tickets are for sale at Jub Jub’s, The Melting Pot and online.

Dave Masud behind the drums

Dave’s ready to rock

Pat Mayfield on the keys

Pat’s happy to be here

Chris Fox

Chris didn’t get up all night.

For a final episode at the old house, we couldn’t have asked for a better set of guests – some old friends, some brand new to the show. ANd we had fun. We will be taking a one week hiatus so Dogwater Dick can move ye olde studios into Reno! Crazy things are afoot in the neighborhood. Chekkit what’s been happening down the block:

corner house by Dogwater BEFORE demo


corner house by Dogwater AFTER demo


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The Liver Scars – Beyond Control

That really hurt.

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E5 – Download Link

You know ’em – you love ’em – it’s THE LIVER SCARS!!!! Felix, Nick, Garrett, Todd and Ron form The Liver Scars are in the studio live and with their livers turned up to 11! You know we drink on this show, but this week was like Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day steamrolled into one.I’ll just say that I tried to hold onto some semblance of show flow or control, but with these guys… I think I gave up in the first segment.

Felix Danger, singer for the Liver Scars, a Reno NV punk Rock Band, flipping the camera off

Felix – Screams

Nick Ramirez, bass player for the Liver Scars, a Reno NV punk rock band, squinting like Popeye and holding a beer

Nick – Bass

What can I say about the Liver Scars that wouldn’t be incredibly incriminating? Besides the fact that they truly are one of my favorite bands, ever and currently…. Um…. Felix remained conscious throughout the entirety of the show! Ron has a Napoleon thing going on. Garrett and Milton Berle have a lot in common. Todd gets redfaced REALLY quickly. And, yes, Nick really is just always that spacey.

Garret Donovan - guitar for the Liver Scars, a Reno NV punk rock band, smiling at the camera and squinting his eyes

Garret – Guitar

You will want to check out The Liver Scars on their Facebook page and at their Upcoming show opening up fo D.R.I. at Jub Jub’s! This show is crazy and off the rails and I really don’t remember what happened after the beer boxes came out. (That’s why this post is short.) Whole episode is a bit of a blur. I think a mason jar of whiskey was involved. Shudder.

Ron, Drummer for the Liver Scars, a Reno NV punk rock band

Ron – Drums

Todd, lead guitar for Liver Scars, smiling for the camera

Todd – G

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Failure Machine – Horn Dawgs


The Worst Little Podcast -S5 E4

Can you git up wit’cha git down? We got Failure Machine on with us this week. That’s right, the (second) triumphant return of our beloved FIRST production assistant, Spencer Kilpatrick and his bandmates, Clinton Philbin, Harry Mahony and Zac Curtis. I know – I hear your surprise – there are now FOUR members of Failure Machine, because they added a horn section (there’s actually about to be five, but the bassist isn’t official yet, so fuck him).

Spencer Kilpatrick, guitar and vocals for Failure Machine, with a beer looking sad and haggard

The Failure

We also take a call form a representative for PostWar. Francis? Frederick? Franklin? Don’t know the guy, was really confusing, possibly on drugs. Luckily, PostWar frontman, Sutafe Bogale, came homand saved us from a trainwreck of a phone call. They have a show TONIGHT at The Knitting Factory with Bluff Caller and Cad Bane. You should chekkit out!

Clinton Philbin, drummer for Failure Machine, smiling and looking to the side

The Machine

If you have to wait for the weekend for your party time, don’t forget to check out Failure Machine at St. James Infirmary Friday night, with The Letters Home (LA) and Hungry Skinny (SF)! Good ol’ Spencer says it’s gonna be a wild rockin’, foot tapppin’ dancin’ kind of night!

Harry Mahony, Sax for Failure Machine, smiling right at camera, close up

The Saxyness

I would be remiss if I did not mention the addition – nay! the doubling of members of the band since last we saw them. Failure Machine has added a horn section! I like to affectionately call them “The Hairy Sac Blowers”, but Harry Mahony and Zac Curtis seemed to be less than thrilled. Fuck them too then, It’s my show. Nice guys, though.

Zac Curtis, trumpet for Failure Machine, smiling for the camera

“I like to blow things!”

At any rate, Thanks For Listening!