Liam Kyle Cahill and Low La La – Double the Fun

Not one, but TWO fantastic acts on ONE show!

The Worst Little Podcast S5 E 10

We’ve got a one-two punch for you this week. Both Liam Kyle Cahill and Low La La are in studio this week! And if that’s not enough to whet your whistle, they both debut brand new tunes for you! That’s right! 5 years in and we are still bringing you exclusive new songs from the streets of Reno!

Liam Kyle Kahill, smiling broadly and playing his guitar


Liam Kyle Cahill is a well-known act in the Reno circuit, playing profusely and networking non-stop throughout not just the local Reno scene, but nationally and internationally. Cahill is a passionate singer, thoughful writer, polished musician and dynamic performer; he is a real powerhouse of talent in this town. After nearly two years of e-mail tag and random run-ins, we were finally able to squeeze him in on the calendar just days before he leaves town for tour. Liam is happy to announce that he has is sponsored by Fretlight Guitar on the FretLight Tour, which will take him throughout the Northwest this spring and will continue throughout the country most of this year. In my mind, the FretLight Tour STARTED at Dogwater Studios and on the Worst Little Podcast. Break all the legs, Liam!

Hannah Etchison of Low La La, a unique Reno NV duo, holding a banjolele and smiling with her sweater off one shoulder


Joining Cahill on the show is Low La La, a unique duo and true treat of a performance, suprisingly, also from Reno NV! Low La La is Hanna Etchison and Cody Thomas, united by both the love of music and themselves. Oh! and each other – they’re not just raging narcissists. They’re a couple, So that will end badly, but while it’s great, they are making fantastic music. Guitar, banjolele and a mesmerising voice. “Banjolele?”, you say? Yes. Banjolele. It’s exactly what you think it is – a banjo and a ukulele had a baby.

Cody Thomas of Low La La, a unique Reno NV duo, holding a guitar and smiling
Also shooting up the proverbial charts with a bullet, Low La La has been making a splash in the Reno music world, with their dreamy, poppy sound. You can catch them next during the May 8 Wine Walk, at Liberty Fine Arts.

This is a really fantastic episode, with one of my favorite quizzes ever. Chock full of good times and great music, all of the guests came to play and we had a blast.

Thanks for listening!

John Underwood – Siberian Haze

Fresh off the road!

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E9 – Download Link

John Underwood breezes back into town, fresh off tour, and stops in for a private final performance of the tour, just for you! While you might not be impressed that a solo guy just came back from a NW tour, it’s a little more complicated than that. I walk into the studio and John is surrounded by no less than 9 instruments, replete with horns and a rhythm section, one foot processor and a couple mics. And he plays them all on all of the songs. It was insane. Despite an enrapturing and butt-numbing 13 minute song, it was truly a treat of a performance.

John Underwood, Smiling through a very large beard and wearing a ball cap that says "Shootdang" and sitting in front of a green banner with a lit joint that reads "Come and take"


Also in studio, we welcome back our good friend, Evan Humphreys! You may remember Evan from such project as: The Rocky Horror Extravaganza, Pinky Polanski, Aversion Therapy and… The Worst Little Podcast Theme! Today, Evan has another project he wanted to talk about. Pull the Plug Audio, a Reno NV off-the-grid performance audio company. They have hi-performance audio equipment that runs on high-performance batteries, perfect for outdoor or mobile events such as Burning Man or Reno Earth Day 2015! Pull the Plug Audio will be providing sound to the two main stages, as well as 2 or 3 more side stages, all day on Sunday. If you’re interested in ‘green’ tech or cordless gear, these are the guys you want to check out and ask questions of. Even spoke techno-babble. It was like listening to opera in Italian and I don’t speak Italian.

Evan Humphries, smiling and wearing a Reno Envy Whiskey Tshiry, standing next to an op-en oversized bible.


Lastly, bust mostly firstly in the show order (so if you’re listening and reading this you already know what I’m about to say) , we take a long distance call from our good friends in KARMA! They are ensconced in studio in New York right now and actually recording themselves while we tried to called them and then, Oh! hilarity that ensued! Good to talk to the kids. If you miss them ornever heard of them or are a lukewarm, but like to be in the know you can check them out this coming May 1st! A live feed of their performance at The Bitter End, “New York City’s Oldest Rock Club” will be available. THey say they’ll be up at 10PM PST on a friday, so check them out before you head out. Pre-party with good KARMA!

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Enslave the Creation – Full House, But No Full Deck

Smile while your face melts, nancy!

The Worst Little Podcast – 2015 04 13 – Download Link

Wow! This episode is tight like your mom money clip! We welcome Enslave the Creation, a Reno progressive death metal band, to the show. It’s literally what happens when you combine prog rock and deathmetal.

Eric Marks, smiling big, with an illustrated rainbow heart drawn around the image.

Teen Heartthrob, Eric!

They come in all nice and congenial and not too smelly, then proceed to lay down enormous face-melting metal! Structured, clean, practiced and blazing. Holy fuckballs, Batman! “Are you ready for brutality?” was actually asked of us during the show. We were not entirely ready – and all this was sans drummer and vocals! You can listen to more of their music at the Enslave the Creation’s reverbnation page. (For you Reno-music-philes, they play in the same league as Cranium.)

Chris Portugal looking tough in a full beard.


Enslave the Creation is Eric Marks, Mike Stewart,  Chris Portugal, and Jared Klein. Klien was unable to make it on account of being a loser living in Sacramento, but they muddle on with an excellent track of him nailing all of their songs. They are perpetually auditioning for a lead singer. They’ve never  found quite the right match in 5 YEARS of playing shows. If you think you’ve got what it takes, hit them up.

Mike Stewart, wide eyed and staring right at the camera.

No, Mike, only you can hear THOSE voices.

Also in studio are Cameron Shirey, Matt Biondi, Ryan Kelly and Bill Ware,  a group of Reno actors, writers and directors who have collaborated in a short film project called “Battle of the Band”. It’s about a contest with only one contestant, but not like you think. Primary shooting begins in May With an expected showing of the film in July at the Good Luck Macbeth theater.

Cameron Shirey pointing at Ryan's shirt (left), Ryan Kelly looking up and right, concernedly (Right), Matt Biondi looking scared (Center)

“We’re gonna be stars, Ma!”

Bill Ware holding a small wooden cross and a can of beer.

Bill found Jesus. He brought the beer.

As always, Thanks for Listening!