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Gentlemen, start your dice.

The Worst Little Podcast S5 E15

Great googly moogly! We welcome Jeff Jones, organizer for the 2nd annual RAGECon (Reno Area Gaming Extreme Convention), to the studio this week. RAGECon is a locally-produced convention for the gamers – and not the video gamers, but those players of pencil and paper, dice card and board games and more! Tabletop gaming will be the byword on the weekend of June 26 – 28 at the JA Nugget, with a weekend chock full of gaming sessions, tournaments, free play, vendor demos, panels and, added just this year, a Cosplay Contest! Visit with local shop owners, social organizations like Great Basin Geeks and product reps from dozens of gaming companies; have the chance to win some neat new nerdy product (games and game accessories); and hobnob with luminaries and friends of the show, like: panelist and contest emcee, Thee Reverend Rory Dowd; panelist Felix Danger and cosplayer and blogger; Cheyenne Leigh… and maybe more in the crowd??!!

A 4-box in different exposures, of Jeff jones, organizer of RAGEcon,

Would you like to play a game?


For your musical entertainment, we have a man of surprises, a man of many different talents, a man who needs an introduction because he’s quiet, and therefore dangerous – Mister Bryan Cowell! Bryan has been the longtime drummer for Carson punk rock band, Slut Fungus. Much like Dave Grohl, he was secretly a powerhouse of a singer and guitar player while hiding behind the drums. Also like Grohl, he uses his songs to write about the things he sees in the world. Unlike Grohl, Cowell does not have record execs to impress and has a decidedly morbid bent, whilst spinning and crooning musically and lyrically complex character arcs on the micro phone. I can well assure you that this is not music to be missed. Bryan Cowell is a badass and these songs are not for the weak-hearted. Bring your A-game, listeners.

triptych of Bryan Cowell, in different light and color balances, crossing his eyes

There are many, many faces to The Bryan


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Infecto Skeletons – The Blandrew Sessions

We might not be rich, but we’re having fun…

The Worst Little Podcast S5 E14 – Download Link

What a great show! I’m actually listening to this one right now so I can say so with authority! The Infecto Skeletons invade The New Dogwater Studios (Dog H202?) for the first time. For the uninitiated, he Infectos are a punk rock band from Reno NV that has been with us for a number of years now. And to put it in a nutshell: They fucking kill it. They thrash, they rage, they wail and croon. They get people moving and don’t stop until they are ready to fall over. They are a great band to see and a fucking onlaught of fun and drama and punk rock to hang out with.

approximately 35 cans of beer, a pop secret bag, fast food container and a cardboard toilet paper roll

Infecto Trash

The Infecto Skeletons share with us a bunch of new songs on the show, songs that will be on the new album! If you want to catch them this weekend, they will be playing at PUNK VS. METAL, a Myke Read Presents night of punk rock and metal, with a winner to be declarede at the end of the bout, by popular applause! Are you a punk? Are you a metalhead? Come see Infecto Skeletons,  Dissidence, The Business EndOstracizedThe Sex Devils and Down Time  and cheer your team on!!

Myke Read crossing his eyes and smilin strangely

Myke Read

Last weekend, I went out to see “Shiner“, the most recent Good Luck Macbeth production, and it hit me in the sweet spot. Directed by Bill Ware, written by Christian Durso and starring Kate Atack and Patrick John Kiernan, “Shiner” is the story of two outcast teenagers in the mid-90’s, set in the weeks leading up to Kurt Cobain’s death. It is a must-see; don’t hesitate, just trust me. Nostalgic, without being saccharine, the journey of the characters is easily accessible to anyone who was in their teens and twenties in that decade. It helped me reach back across the years and touch the righteous fire of my rebellion, wince with chagrin at the all-too-familiar awkward actions of a newbie poser. It’s not a play of remembrance and a better time, cause the world was shit then and it still is now; it is a play of reminding, reminding you about what was important, what was wrong, and what drove you before you learned to compromise. It’s surreal and invigorating and inspiring. My initial reaction upon walking outside and being asked what I thought: “I need a cigarette, a moment, a shot, to rub one out, a snackl and maybe a nap.”  This is good theater, kids, theater that doesn’t compromise and invites you to come as you are. Srsly. Go. Follow the link above or right here and buy tickets now. There are only three shows left.

Andrew Hockenberry sitting at his drums, arms akimbo.

Andrew Hockenberry

Can’t forget to mention RAGEcon! June 26-28, at the JA Nugget, Reno Area Gaming Extreme Convention is the area’s newest tabletop gaming convention. Offering tabletop gaming events, including board games, card games, dice games, miniatures games and RPGs, RAGEcon will also feature discussion panels on gaming and cosplay, and a cosplay contest, emcee’d by Thee Reverend Rory. Reverend Rory, Felix Danger and other notable area nerds will be on hand to speak at length and offer opinions about gaming. Come join the dorky fun!

Justin Minyard, smiling with a PBR in his hand

Justin Minyard

This Friday is the Final First Friday at Foxy Olive with the Reverend Rory Dowd. Sad, but true. It’s been an awesome run and we’ve had a lot of fun this past year, but events out of our control make it un-feasible. Our Guest is Glynn Osburn of Limbo State, who is an amazing performer and will be a great note to go out on. Come out, help us close it down reel gud  and party like a rock star.

Rash Kader smiling as if in pain

Rash Kader

We love the Infecto Skeletons. Especially Andy.


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Verbal Kint – Dancing Bear

GitUP wit cha git down!

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E13

It’s been a long time coming, but we have some true Reno music superstars in the studio with us this week – Jammal Tarkington and Ryan Hall of Verbal Kint! Yeah, that’s right! These guys have been rocking Reno stages for decades. Easily well known for other projects (Cranium, Keyser Soze), Tarkington and Hall have always has this secret, other side; place for original songs or covers that didn’t fit with the other bands. Verbal Kint has always been this rogue acoustic vagabond of an act, popping up when you least expect them.





It’s a fun and exciting show we have for you this week. We go to a phone call with Mitch of Heffe’s Saloon in Lafayette, LA to get a status report about the Vampirates. Evidently, the show was fantastic. Not entirely sure. Mitch was a few drinks into his evening (much later in the evening out there) and the phone connection is, well a cell phone connection. Reverend Rory totally mis-translates him at the end. It’s awesome. Mikie Haley and Penny Scillin of The Shames sotp by with cake for Mikie’s birthday too!

Nick Ramirez sticking his tounge to the side and winking while pointing at a smiling Mikie Haley

Happy Birthday Mikie!

We would be remiss if we did not mention Marianarchy as well. Nick, I and especially Rhiannon want to thank everyone who came out, every one who worked and everyone who played. We raised over $2,500 for Rhiannon last weekend and that is priceless. All the bands were fantastic, with both of the headliners, Sit Kitty Sit and Kittenhead, killing it each day. I wanted to take the time to give them both a littl e live show pub, so here goes:

Complimenting their bold and tempestuous music, the live performances of Sit Kitty Sit are a passionate and wildly exciting experience. Between songs, Thompson’s quiet wit and Downs’ easy charm draw audiences in before blasting their souls with their powerful music. During songs, the room is filled with an onslaught of soaring vocals and wild abandon. Thompson batters away at his skins like an unstoppable monster while Downs thrashes wildly about, posing and pointing her bare feet like a ballet dancer. Like corks adrift in a sea storm, fans sway and dance, rising and falling with the music, caught in the maelstrom and intensity of a Sit Kitty Sit performance.

Like a molten tidal wave, Kittenhead slams into the audience from the first chord of the first song, sending waves of pure riot into the crowd. Kivi Kittenhead, blasts and berates the audience, slowly stripping off layers of leather, vinyl, white cotton and plaid pleats throughout the set. DD and VJJ  wildly careen around the stage, challenging and dueling each other, trading bass and guitar back and forth. O-Face, well – he jus tloves his job, holding down the fort on the drums, with the best seat in the house. The punk rock frenzy of Kittenhead spins and churns and whips up to a chaotic release, like a lid flying off a blender on high. And we are spent.

Thanks for listening!

Abandon Minds – Marianarchy Edition

It’s the most special time of the year!

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E12

We gots some bare-bones, sharp as a razor, old-school punk rock for you this week, featuring Abandon Minds, a punk trio from Carson City. Abandon Minds is Johnny Thunderpiss on bass and vocals, Will Imnot on guitar and vocals, and the man himself, Handsome Greg on the drums. They have been playing together for the past 4 years, regularly making the trip up to Reno to play shows in that time. Drawing inspiration from 70s and 80s punk, Abandon Minds has a tight set of originals and covers. I think we squeezed in five songs this week. You can catch Abandon Minds at Marianarchy this weekend on Day Two. More on that later.

Abandon Minds in a car with suicide doors and flames painted on it all around in a classic style


Johnny THunderpiss from Abandon Minds staring at the camera scarily

“Who want to watch a SCAAAAaaary movie?”

Will Imnot and Handsome Greg sitting in the car with leapoard seat covers


Also joining us is Dalien Effin Punk of Effin Punx Streetwear. Effin Punx Streetwear is a local clothing line, self described as “streetwear for the inner punk in all of us, born from the West Coast underground.” Daniel has been aggressively working it all around Reno, Tahoe, Carson and all points in between lately. You’ve probably noticed the stickers and Tees. If you haven’t you should.  Daniel is the kind of punk who puts his money where his mouth is. He has been sponsoring all these great punk shows that you’ve been seeing in the past nine months, helping venues and promoters attract bands and fans to live events. In addition to being a sponsor for Marianarchy XI, Effin Punx is looking forward to helping bring 7Seconds back home on June 20 at the Knitting Factory with The Briggs, Success and Machine Gun Vendetta.

Daniel Effing Punk of Effing Punx Streetwear staring stoically at the camera


It’s MARIANARCHY DAY ONE!!!!! and MARIANARCHY DAY TWO!!!!! Marianarchy XI!!!!!!

As you well know, Nick and Rory and a ton of other people work hard and have a special place in their hearts for this event. We say we take care of our own; and we do. We often help out members of the community who have strong ties to the art scene and are our friends. But it is bitter sweet when it is someone who has also worked hard at this event.  Like beneficiaries in the past, this year we are pitching in to help out someone who has played and attended many many Marianarchies (sp?), the lovely Ms. Rhiannnon Box. Also a former guest of the show as a member of Stabby Unicorn, Rhiannon was diagnosed with MS last year. Dead bears. With the blowing. This Friday and Saturday, please join us to pass the hat, play some music, have a good time and help a sista out! Silent auction and raffle with astounding local art, as usual, as well.

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