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Wheatstone Bridge – The Future is NOW!

Bubble Bubble, toil and trouble!


The Worst Little Podcast – S 5 E23 – Download Link

What a show we have for you! It’s chaotic, incoherent at times and was a real blast to record. Hope you can keep up! In the studio we have Jill Marlene, Doyle Wayne Stewart, Margy Ford and Stephen Barron from Wheatstone Bridge, a Reno NV Americana/folk band. No drums, no bass, just a couple of guitars and some singing. Radical concept in these days.

Jill Marlene, looking over the microphone pop guard

                               Crazy eyes

Wheatstone Bridge has been around for a couple years now, and the seasoning has paid off. These four strong talents blend seamlessly, playing new originals and old favorites for us on the show this week. Ford and Marlene are excellent co-singers on all the songs, mirroring and harmonizing with each other with casual grace, while Stewart and Barron do something similar on their guitars.

Margy Ford, with a seductively open-mouth stare

                                    sexy sexy


There’s a lot of chaos in this show but a lot of fun – one of my favorite Quizzes ever is buried in there. We can’t stay on topic for more than a moment and people are stepping all over one another, but that’s what it’s like hanging out with Wheatstone Bridge – a big laughing, feel-y ball of awesome, peppered with music.

Doyle Stewart, with his head thrown back, laughing

              *insert maniacal laughter*

It’s the busy season in Reno right now, with all the big end-of-summer festivals, but whether you’re heading out to Sparks for the cook-off, or the Playa for Burning Man, don’t be stupid. Be safe, don’t get caught and have all the fun.

Stephen Baron, looking at the camera apologetically and mildly bored


Thanks for Listening!.

Sit Kitty Sit – Working Without a Net

I love my friends!

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E22

It’s always great to work with your friends and this week is chock full of Friends of the Show! In studio, we once again have the incomparable, Sit Kitty Sit, a hard piano rock band from San Francisco. Kat and Mike routinely play shows up here, for Marianarchy, for Starfleet and the USO and just for fun. It was soooo good to see them again this weekend while they lounged at the luxurious Dogwater Manor like rockstars.

a skeleton cat model on an end table

                               Sit Kitty Sit

Other friends on the show – Chewie was back in the studio again this week, but Nick was not. Mr Ramirez was attending a hoity toity birthday party in honor of the talented and prolific Reno painter, Greg Allen. Greg is, as you may know, the beneficiary of last year’s Marianarchy. We have a great phone interview with him wishing him a happy birthday.

Kat Downs from Sit Kitty Sit

                                    Kat Downs

Also, at the beginning of the show is an open letter from WLP Booking Manager, Jamie Lynn, about another Marianarchy beneficiary, Tom Plunkett. Tommy took very ill over the weekend and was admitted to the ICU and put on life support. I’m happy to let you know that, at the time of this posting, Tom is lucid and eating and drinking on his own, albeit limitedly. Tommy has a long road of recovery ahead of him, again, so please keep him in your thoughts.

mike thompson fo sit kitty sit

                           Mike Thompson

And finally, while The Rev had to duck out to go set up the Blazing Mics open mic night at Jub Jub’s, Lucas Young and Kyler Mosconi stop by the show  and crash it at the end!

Lucas Young, a Reno musician

                            Lucas Young


Kyler Moscini sitting in a chair

                           Kyler Mosconi

Thanks for Listening!

the scattering – a whole bunch of Richards

No, not Richards, but Dicks!
butt dicks

The Worst Little Podcast – Season 5 Episode 21

It’s good to be back! It’s good to see ya my friends! A lot of stuff going on in the Worst Little world. You’ll get a big earful out of Dogwater Dick about his ga-mping right at the top of the show. But enough about him! We are lucky enough to have spent a sweaty, filthy and immoral hour with the boys from the scattering, a hardcore/metal band from Reno NV that has been playing shows for about a year. Jim, John, Josh, Jason and … Brian… make up the band and they are pretty monstrous – heavy stuff. If you want to know what I really think of their recorded music, you can check out the review here: http://issuu.com/renotahoetonight/docs/rtt_aug_2015_digital_v2/7.

jim bemused by the camera


john, smiling and giving a double thumbs-up

You can also take a listen to the scattering here: https://thescattering.bandcamp.com/releases. It’s brutal. It will make you rethink your life choices.

Josh, grimacing nervously

Jason, not smiling, giving a double thumbs-up


If you are looking for plans this weekend please join Reverend Rory and Nick down at the old Jub Jub’s this Saturday 8/22/15. From 6- Midnight, we will be supporting the troops through Sci-fi! The 1701st Fleet, a Star Trek fan service organization, puts on a regular benefit for the USO and they have brought their show to Reno. Hosted by Rev Rory, the show will feature such musical  and comedic luminaries as: Nick Ramirez, John and John, Abandon Minds, Elgin Alway, Seasons of Insanity, Drake Nelson, Sit Kitty Sit, Pat Schillito and Reno We Have A Problem. It’s going to be a lot of fun and a good cause. Come on by!

Brian, in a blue Vans t-shirt

Thanks for listening!

Bionic Gorilla – Crazed Delusion

No, how YOU doin’?

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E 20 – Download Link

Welcome back, welcome home, welcome to the show. We have a good one lined up for you this week: straight from South Lake Tahoe and the Reno areas, a face-meltingly good time with the ever-cuddly, Bionic Gorilla. These guys were a lot of fun to have in the studio – personable, professional and perverted. Off mic, we had heady debates about politics and philosophy – during the show as always, it degenerated in to fag and fart jokes. I really wish you could have been there…

Kris Praster licking his bass neck

Kris Prater

Jeff Zavala squinting intently at the camera

Jeff Zavala

…seriously though, they are a lot of fun and a bunch of good guys. I was especially impressed with DJ Zee, doing some live sampling and sound efx as an added instrument. That is a rare thing, totally killer, as in killer app,  and Bionic Gorilla should treasure him. You should treasure him by going and seeing them next weekend at the SassaBRATION festival down in Carson City next weekend on August 16.

Mario Zavala smiling at the camera

DJ Zee

Alexander Salyer smiling enthusiastically

Alexander Salyer

We also take a call ta the top of the show with Jim Thomas of The Mermen. If you don’t know, they are fucking GODS OF ROCK. The Mermen are a West Coast surf rock band that has enjoyed popularity in the underground/indie/punk/non-mainstream ‘scene’s for 20+ years. They have played Reno many times, but not recently. Jim Thomas takes a moment to talk to us about some of his current projects and coming back out to the Biggest Little City again for their show at Jub Jub’s on August 14th, brought to you by Nowhere Music.

Ray Painter smirking.

Ray Painter

Scott Tobin at his drumkit, flashing rock hands

Scott Tobin

Thanks for Listening!

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