Man Downstream – Drowning in Awesome

This town never ceases to amaze me.

The Worst Little Podcast – S4 E13

It’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised by a band, especially one you’ve never seen or met before! Joseph Bonauro, Patrick Chapman and Kurt Gensheimer of Man Downstream decided to take the chance and come onto the show. They were recommended by loyal listener Jude Mayne. Turns out that Bonauro and Chapman have been in and around the Reno music scene for most of their lives – but didn’t know Jude. It’s Kurt, the newbie, that had the connection. Go figure!

Joseph Bonauro cocking his head at a sharp angle.

Joseph Bonauro is unhinged.

That’s not the only way Man Downstream was surprising. They were all intelligent and talented and played some wicked songs. All of it was impressively put together, including their song ‘RNO’ – all about our favorite Little City! They have a fun sound, calling back to the funk rock fusion of the early 90s, but with a definite more ‘indie/garage’ edge to it all. They blew us all … away! They blew us all AWAY.

Kurt Gensheimer wearing an actual disco ball helmet.

Kurt Gensheimer keeping it classy


Check out Man Downstream on Facebook and bandcamp and youtube. You can also see them with Rigorous Proof, Bazooka Zoo and the Defabulators – but don’t because it’s during Day 2 of Marianarchy!


And finally – here’s the video of Nate the Intern’s ‘punishment’ for not cleaning Reverend Rory’s coffee mug:


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Drinking With Clowns – Slumming It With Us

Shazam! Kablam! Flippety-flam!

The Worst Little Podcast – S4 E12 – Download Link

We love our non paying job so much. We get to hang out with cool musicians and listen to music every week. This week was no different as Baldo Bobadilla from Drinking With Clowns stops by the studio with some sneak peeks at their upcoming CD, El Vuelo. (featuring one SPENCER KILPATRICK (and you know where he got his start)). I could say Drinking With Clowns is a Reno Latin music band, but that’s selling them short – Drinking With Clowns is a Reno band that happens to play a lot of Latin influenced music. They’re playing out regionally and even internationally, at music festivals and charitable fundraisers, all the damns times, seducing women with their talent, intelligence and many other hidden assets.

Baldo Bobadilla of Drinking With Clowns smiling charmingly at the camera

Stunning. Talented. Altruistic.
(i hate this guy)


Unfortunately, Baldo was the only one who could stop by this time, but we had our hands full with him. In one of the HIGHEST scoring quizzes ever, Baldo does not shy away from any questions and gives some really revealing answers. Check Drinking With Clowns out at their next show at the Peppermill, May 1st-3rd. Also check out their own non profit organization, FutureKind.

DWCV at the peppermill
He has to leave early, so the end of the show is just a train wreck with the guys. Heh. Enjoy.

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Fighting the Future – Full Scream Ahead

Out with the old and in with the new!

The Worst Little Podcast – S4 E11 Download Link

Hey boys and girls! Do you like music? Yes? Do you like punk rock music? Yes? That’s awesome! We just happen  to have a young pop punk band from Reno NV, Fighting the Future, on the show this week! They sing and scream about all the FUN angst and SUPER EXCITING crushing disappointment in their lives!!! Isn’t that just the best?

Dylan Fuson - guitar for Fighting the Future pontificating

Dylan Fusion

We had a truly fun time with Dylan Fuson (guitar and vocals), Austin Aguera (guitar and vocals), Craig Schrader (drums) and Rachel Barr (bass and vocals) from Fighting the Future. They have been getting around town for the better part of the year in this lineup and are looking forward to a EP release show coming up on May 2nd.

Craig Schrader - drummer for Fighting the Future smiling politely behind a drumset

Craig Shredder

Rachel Barr mugging for the camera

Rachel Barrbituate

The guys are doing about the same. Nothing shocking to report yet, but Marianarchy X is on its way, so stay tuned for details.

Austin Aguera- guitar for Fighting the Future posing grandly

Austin Agueressive

penis. penis penis penis penis. twat. twat twat twat twat. Are you still reading this? I have no idea of why. Thanks for Listening!!


Bohemian Burlesque – So Good to Be Bad


The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S4 E10

Why don’tcha sit down and listen to us sometime? It’s a very sexy show in store for you this week – Nicole Rose and Teresa Moiola come by to wile us with their womanly charms. And we let them! Quite happily! As much of a pleasure to talk to as to look at, Nikki and Teresa are starring members of Bohemian Burlesque, the oldest nouveau burlesque troupe in Reno. Innuendo is the name of the game… and sounds like buttsex, so, yeah! Win!

Teresa Moiola of Bohemian Burlesque with a generous chest

The seductive Teresa and her… sparkling personality.

Nikki is also going to be the emcee of the upcoming Bohemian Burlesque show, Femme Fatale, on APril 25th and 26th at The Studio on Fourth. As a ‘teaser’, she sings “Special” from Avenue Q, an adults-only Sesame Street-style musical. It…. made the Reverend’s pants too tight room very warm.

Nikki Rose sitting primly

“Good” girl, Nikki


Speaking of Music, we also feature some tracks from Daryl Lee Thompson, a long-time Reno musician now living in Portland and touring the Pacific Northwest on a regular basis. Daryl Lee is OOOOOOOooode Skoool Reno and collectively one of our favorite musicians, hands down. However, an enormous portion of the show is devoted to Uncle Rickey’s Story Time! Wherupon, Dogwater Dick claims to have found a glory hole near the top of Rattlesnake Mountain. Reverend Rory went along with it, because he trust Dogwater Dick, even when he lies, but after seeing the picture – isn’t too sure.  Judge for yourself. Reverend Rory predicts we will spend an inordinate amount of time next week discussing this.

a square hole in a port-a-potty

The Rattlesnake Mountain Glory Hole™


It’s a lot of fun this week! Hope you enjoy!

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