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The Bonfire Set – Summerends

Greetings, earthlings!

The Worst Little Podcast – S4 E28 – Download Link

It has been a while! Hope you enjoyed last week’s flashback fun – that show is a train wreck.
This week on the show we’re happy to have Jamil Apostol and Kirsten Crom from The Bonfire Set sit in and be assaulted (possibly offended) by the chaos that is Dogwater Studios and the WLP crew. Logistics prevented more of the band from being on live with us this time, but we had a chance to sit down with the CD and two of the musicians behind it.

kirsten crom, pianist and supporting vocals for the Bonfire set

Kirsten Crom


Nick is back with us this week and we talk about his travels around the state promoting the Movie and such. Revernd Rory hung out at home and went to a ghost motel tour, while Rick recorded bands. I know crazy! Nick is looking forward to playing with the Liver Scars and Turbonegra at Shea’s this weekend – should be a killer time. Go see it.

jamil apostol, lead vocals andd acoustic guitar for the Bonfire Set

Jamil Apostol


Anyway – enough about the episode – onto the show!
Thanks for Listening.


FLASHBACK: Memorial Day Meltdown

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 018 (Memorial Day Meltdown Pt. 1)

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 019 (Memorial Day Meltdown Pt. 2)

Hey Everybody!

Due to some technical issues and the holiday, we haven’t been able to give you good show. Stay tuned for next week with The Bonfire Set! Really looking forward to having them on.

In the meantime, talk a walk with us and remember the days of yesteryear with a recap of our first holiday double episode! So many people come in the studio and get stupid drunk. It’s awesome.
Also don’t forget to check out High Desert Steam’s 4th Annual Steampunk Ball up in Virginia City on 9/13/14! Willie and Dusty and the rest of High Desert Steam are putting on another great event this year that you don’t want to miss. Starting at noon at Piper’s Opera House, the Seteampunk event is awesome!

Thanks for listening!

Love Like Wes – Generation Un-gap

Attention, standby passengers!

The Worst Little Podcast – S4 E27– Download Link

Johnny Rolling - Love Like Wes

Johnny Rolling

Greetings, fellow travelers!! I hope your seat belts are on, because we’re going on a field trip! Johnny Rolling, Erik Grubbs, Kieran Clark and  Henry Lindsay from Love Like Wes put in some time during this last summer of Dogwater. All Battle-Born and Reno raised, they come in with their unique charm and songs about girls and make Reverend Rory feel old as dirt bring us up to speed on themselves. First of all, none of the members of Love Like Wes are actually named Wes, although he is a real person. While we typically avoid such trite questions, this one was begging to be asked. Find out the store during the second segment. Or is it the third?

Erik Grubbs - Love Like Wes

Erik Grubbs

Love Like Wes is fun, pop rock from Reno Nevada. They’ve been playing around for a few years now and are building a steadily growing following, especially know that they have ‘hair down there’ and can get into bars. All kidding aside, they are fantastic musicians and came to play on the show. And they help us bring to you another WLP exclusive! Starring inour first ever Father/Son connection, bass player Henry Lindsey is the son of none other than Bruce “The Bruce” Lindsey, friend and former gust of the show.

Henry Lindsey - Love Like Wes

Henry Lindsey

We would also like to take a second to congratulate the cast and crew of Nowhere Nevada for being awarded the title of “Best Feature” at the SF Global Film Festival in San Jose last weekend. That’s right, they got the ‘Best in Show’ award at the event they’ve been working so hard for!! We’ve been supporting them and invested in the project for about two years now, so it’s fantastic for Nick Ramirez, Brian Sutherland, Juli Green, Dave Richards, Jef Derderian, Liz Cole, Felix Danger, Max Volume, Andy Luna, Cori Lynne, Tom Plunkett, Xtevion, Rick Spagnola, Tom Gordon and all the rest of the crew get their deserved accolades. Keep checking in because this is not over; the next step is distribution and we will ube sure to let you know when you can finally see this movie or get a copy of your very own. Check out the Nowhere Nevada IMDB page while you wait! Congrats again, everyone!

Kieran Clark - Love Like Wes

Kieran Clark

We also discuss the future fate of JB the Intern, who pulls his second no -call no-show in as many weeks. Boy is gonna pay.
Enjoy the end of summer!
Thanks for Listening!


Sit Kitty Sit – (Don’t Touch The) Crackly Bottom

Bing Bang Boom!

The Worst Little Podcast – S4 E 26 – Download Link

OMG This was such an awesome show. Good good GOOD friends of the Show, Sit Kitty Sit, drove up to Reno from the Bay Area just to be on the podcast. Kat Downs Gaudette and Mike Thompson are a killer two-piece band that will blow your mind. They started playing shows up here in Reno about a year ago and fell in love with the audiences and venues of our fine city. You can’t keep them away now!

Kat Downs Gaudette

Kat is HUNGRY!

Sit Kitty Sit is keyboard, drums and phenomenal singing. A truly unique act they can and have played with everyone from solo guitarists to full on metal hardcore bands. They first played up here with Lucas Young, a previous guest on the show and great guy who just HAPPENED to also stop by the studio this week to say ‘Hi!’. Sit Kitty Sit ended up staying at Dogwater Studios that weekend and Rick and Kat and Mike all fell in musical love. Since then, they’ve remained in contact with us and played a few more shows in the Sierras. What you get today is just a little taste of their amazing live show. Super fun, witty and talented, you don’t want to miss the,

Mike THompson

So is Mike

Before I sign off, I just want to remind everyone of the big Nowhere Nevada show at Jub Jub’s this Friday, August 8. With 12 local bands featured in the movie, and film clips being shown all night long, this is something you don’t want to miss! It’s a fundraiser to help the cast and crew go to San Jose for the red carpet film fest that the movie has been selected to be in. Please come out to support Reno art and culture!

Thanks for Listening!

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