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Gabe Hilton – Slow Explosion – S4 E5

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The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S4 E5 

Hello, boys and girls! We hope you’ve been behaving yourselves this week (mostly). Up next on the show, we have Gabe Hilton, an up and coming Reno musician and songwriter. Born and bred in this City of Trembling Leaves, Gabe has grown up around the Reno art and music scene. He’s also NOT a tweaker, loser or asshole – go figure! He’s actually an accomplished young performer, having been a driving force behind the recent staging of The Tribute to the Hazards of Love and the lead vocalist in the same.

Gabe Hilton on the Worst Little Podcast in the World

Gabe Hilton, Reno crooner and musician

Hilton is next set to appear this weekend at the Knitting Factory for the first time at the Night of Acoustic Appreciation on Saturday, March 1st. How about that? People spend years, decades even, humping their ass to get a little notice around town, in the hopes of getting onto a big stage; this little shit puts on a show and plays at a couple open mics and get son the bill! Hopefully he’s talented enough to hang with the likes of Myke ReadMason FreyThe Westside DigsEstebo EstesMy Acoustic HeartAdam Springob , Whitebulbs  and Jenera Paxton.


Nick Ramirez, talking? into the microphone.

Nick is really lucky I’m not better at photoshop.

Despite no Chewie this week, we have a fun show with Gabe Hilton! We’ve all had pretty exciting weeks – Reverend Rory’s been dating someone; Rick has an upcoming date and Nick is still happy in love (despite evidence to the contrary above or anywhere else). It’s a fun time with a mix of covers and originals by Hilton. Check him out on Saturday at the Knit and an upcoming show on the 6th (details inside!)

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The Dilworths – Changing of the Guard – S4 E3

Aaaaaand we’re back.

The Worst Little Podcast – 2014 02 10

father and son_phixr

Lots to talk about on the show this week! Besides promoting the final show of the Tribute to The Hazards of Love, we get a chance to talk with our first father and son guests at Dogwater. Friend of the show, James Dilworth stops by again with a bag of tricks and a bunch of new projects including upcoming films and a book of collected works! James is also heavily involved with NadaGras, an offshoot of the world-famous Nada Dada motel art show that started in Reno, that you can catch at the Morris Burner Hotel, March 7-9.

He's a cat-man: James Dilworth

He’s a cat-man: James Dilworth


This time, James is also accompanied by his father, Jim Dilworth, a long-time Reno musician. After working the casino circuit for years, Jim has also made a go playing traditional Irish folk music in taverns and watering holes around Reno, especially for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Father and son team up to play for us some traditional jigs and ballads.


Pied Piper, Jim Dilworth

Pied Piper, Jim Dilworth


We also field a phone call from comedian Jym Bettencourt who will be appearing the weekend at the Knitting Factory woth a host of local comedians. Jym is always strange and exciting to talk to and delivers some laughs as ususal. Exciting weekend ahead, including the Skate Jam at Jub jub’s and Burn it or Buy it at the Generator and Empress Xelena’s Erotic Mentalist show at Wildflower Village. Get out and see something neat!!!

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BLC Clothing – Putting the ‘Ta-ta’ in ‘Ta-ta-tacky’ – S4 E2

Gimme some good stuff!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – 2014 02 03

We always strive to mix it up on the show, keep you on your toes. This week, we’ve got BLC Clothing in the studio! Shawn Harroun and Mike Weber are the brains and the brawn (not respectively) behind the Reno-based clothing line. In operation for just over a year, BLC clothing designs and sells lines of hoodies, men’s and women’s T-shirts, stickers and sexy, sexy underwear. Custom work is up their alley too.

Shawn Harroun wearing the PeeWee Rebel T-Shirt from BLC Clothing on The Worst Little Podcast


Eastwood/The Real OG T-Shirt from BLC Clothing


Harroun and Weber also have their fingers in a bunch of pots, not just BLC Clothing. Weber is also a muckety-muck over at Weber Graphics, a family owned screen printing company in Reno/Sparks. Harroun, in addition to hawking T-shirts, slings drinks down at Third Street bar and has been known to spin a turntable or two. We have a lot of fun chatting with them around the table, and even have a spirited edition of The Worst Little Quiz.

Shawn Harroun of BLC Clothing on the Worst Little Podcast


Weber also plays in Death By Society, a Reno-based band. Unfortunately, his band mates could not make it. So it all came down to Harroun, who came through with some beats composed by friends of his. Oh, yeah – there’s the kicker: we got DJ music this week, for all the EDM fans in internetland. Check out the tasty treats from dBot, Miss Haynes and 6Blocc throughout the show.

Mike Weber of BLC Clothing on the Worst Little Podcast


Thanks again to BLC Clothing for being on the show.

One last reminder – A Tribute to “The Hazards of Love” opens at Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor this weekend, February 7-9 & 14. Tickets are still available in advance for $12 at The Melting Pot, Prism Magic and Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor; $15 at the door. A magical tale of innocence, love, villany, passion and betrayal with music and movements performed by a cast of Reno musicians, actors, singers and dancers, this show has a very short run of only four performances. A live staging of the Decemberists’ album, the Tribute to “The Hazards of Love” is a one-of-a-kind performance and a credit to Reno theater. You don’t want to miss it! All shows at 7:30PM, except for the Sunday matinee at 2PM.


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Glynn, Xelena and Hanna – Mind Bending Possibilities – S4 E1

It’s a whole new world!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S4 E1

It’s the first show of a brand new season! It has been a giant blast to have been with you all for the last three years and we hope you stay with us for many more!

This week’s lineup is more random than usual. First up, our musical guest, Glynn Osburn. At first glance, he’s a typical Reno skate punk, but Glynn runs much deeper than that. Having been brought up on the teat of Reno music, Glynn has himself entered into the ring and brings powerful vocals and killer music writing. He’s been making the rounds at a lot of open mics in 2013, so I don’t think it’s going to be much longer before we see this guy in a band.

Glynn Osburn on the Worst Little Podcast


Additionally, we have visiting with us Hanna Rodgers, owner of Centurian publishing. Centurian iteslf is an adult erotica catalogue that has been in business (including “male” order) since the 1960s. The publishing company however also puts out a number of fetish or BDSM magazines including titles like Forced Womanhood (submitted males), Enslaved Sissies (submitted males) and Transformations (transgendered). She talks about her publishing company and a little about the fetish scene, but mainly she came in to support our final guest…

Hanna Rodgers on the Worst Little Podcast in the World


Xelena! Empress of the Impossible! Xelena is professional mentalist here in Reno, divining your thoughts from the mysteries of the cosmos in some ineffable way that will mystify and mesmerize your mind! She set up a trick with The Rev at the open mic last week and this was the conclusion of that. Batting 1.000 on the show, Xelena proceeds to pluck the answers to puzzles out of seemingly thin air! Additionally, she sealed a Superbowl sports book ticket in an envelope and gave it to Reverend Rory in anticipation of this week’s big game. The reveal is going to be at the open mic night on 2/3 – you should show up to check it out.

Xelena, Mistress of the Impossible, on The Worst Little Podcast

Additionally Xelena has a show coming up on February 16 – a Gallery of Mystery and Fetish at the Wildflower Village, featuring Mental Mysteries, Erotic Art, and Gender-Bending Humor, Some of the art samples will be out of Hanna Rodger’s personal and extensive collection.

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It’s gonna be a great season!

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