My Acoustic Heart and the Great Communicator

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The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S4 E9

April showers bring WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING TO THE WEATHER? Hope you’re enjoying early spring here in the Washoe Valley area. I’m not.

Tattoos that say "spirit" and "truth" on Ortiz's forearms

marked for lyfe

What I am enjoying is having gotten to meet and hang out with Josh Ortiz of My Acoustic Heart on this latest episode! Ortiz is a quickly rising name in the Reno singer-songwriter community and a giant dork really swell guy. Unfortunately he was warned about the quiz by former friend of the show, Josiah Knight (who will NOT be appearing with us anytime soon). Ortiz is most of My Acoustic Heart, having come on the show without telling his sometimes partner, Greg, because he’s a diva.  He’s also got one hell of a set of pipes!

Josh Ortiz of My Acoustic Heart in a triptych photo

Josh Ortiz

Also on the show, bringing the kind of crazy energy that only he can is Darin Honorof, the Great Communicator as dubbed by Dogeater Dick. 100 points if you can follow his conversation; a bonus 1000 points if you can explain it to us in a letter. He really injects his own way of looking at the world and infects us all with it.

Darin Honorof

The Great Communicator



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Hella Acapella – A Very Purple Farewell – S4 E8

Auf Wiedersehen and goodbye…

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S4 E8

It is with heavy heart that I write to you this week. At first I was all like “Hell yeah! Hella Acapella is on the show!!!” But then I was all like “Awwww…It’s the last Hella Acapella show (featuring our good friend Chas Dawes)”. Yes, it’s true, bass singer and LMT, Chas Dawes is leaving fair Reno, NV for the happier shores of Hawaii – where he is getting hooked up like a mofo! We are sad to see him go, but happy for his good fortune.

Chas Dawes of Hella Acapella
We spend a lot of time talking about the previous week’s Chazapalooza at Jub Jub’s where the whole gang came out to say goodbye. It was one hell of a party with lots of great performances and some surprise performers! Hella Acapella had a GREAT set and left an indelible memory on everyone there, just like the way Chas has with everyone whose life he has graced.

Diana Ekins of Hella Acapella

I’d also like to take a brief moment to congratulate Mrs. and Mr. Jessica and Todd Imus who were joined in wedlock this weekend by none other than Rev. Rory Dowd himself. It was a very special day to be a part of and he was honored to have been included. May their marriage last as long as, like, forever and shit.

Nick Ramirez of Hella Acapella

While I’m here – another quick plug for Reno open mics. There is one just about every day of the week – you have no idea of how lucky we are in that. One of the newest is going through a bit of a change. Starting Tuesday, April 1 (not a joke) Foxy Olive will be host to “Trashtalk and Trashrock” – an evening of poetry and rekkids. Sign ups start at 7, spoken word starts at 8 and garage rock and roll starts at 10. Hosted by Thee Reverend Rory Dowd and a cast of other fun performers, it’s going to change the face of Tuesdays in Reno!

Valorie Tyler of Hella Acapella

So, that’s the cue for my line:
I’ve got nothin’ else. Thanks for listening!

We’d also like to take


Aversion Therapy – Throw the Script Out – S4 E7

Ahoy, landlubbers!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S4 E7

Back from the beginning! Aversion Therapy returns to the show after the mildly WILDLY successful release of their latest CD, Snake Oil.  In addition to the regular yokels of Evan Humphries, Henry King and Bruce Gonyea, we get to meet new lead guitar, Denis “The Replacement” Phares! He’ll do, as long as he doesn’t fuck up.

Evan Humphries on the Worst Little Podcast

If you haven’t caught them before, Aversion Therapy is a punk rock/spoof rock band from Reno NV. They are friends of the show and early patrons of the Dogwater Studios! They leave a legacy of witty lyrics and socio-local commentary in their wake. THis week, they play a bunch of their new tracks from the album.

Denis Phares of Aversion Therapy on the Worst Little Podcast

blah blah blah Aversion Therapy is cool blah blah blah gay joke here blah blah blah no one ever reads this far anyway (and if you are – comment on facebook or the web-page dammit. I’ll read your comments about Aversion Therapy or The Worst Little Podcast on the show next week)

Henry King on The Worst Little Podcast


Bruce Gonyea on The Worst Little Podcast


That’s it for now! Check out the Liver Scars Video Show at Shea’s on Friday!

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Memory Motel – Dreamlined – S4 E6

Better than ever!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S4 E6

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood and we’ve got something for our special friends. Memory Motel is back with us again! These guys are collectively one of our favorite band in town. CJ, Sam and Ben drop in to drop some tunes – or so we thought! There’s a lot more than that on the show though!

Ben Ashlock, mugging suggestively at the camera

Sexy Ben

Learn the secret meaning behind the name, “Memory Motel”! In my personal favorite segment this week, hear Rick and Sam duel using soundboards!! Listen to Ben forget how to use a microphone!!! And so much more!

CJ Gibson, toying with the camera

Bemused CJ

Catch the boys this weekend with The Bonfire Set, Love Like Wes, American Goodfellas and Ladies and Gentlemen at The Alley! That is one hell of a lineup with some great local talent that you do not want to miss!

Sam Ashlock, ignoring the camera

Indifferent Sam

This weekend is also the kickoff for NadaGras 2014 at the Morris Burner Hotel. If you haven’t been in yet, it’s a great new art facility in town. If that’s not really your style, head over to the NMA and check out the Maurice Sendak exhibit that just opened up!

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