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Infecto Skeletons – Refined, Relaxed and Retarded – S3 E24

Hey, did you know we actually still do a show?

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – 2013 09 09

Hey boys and girls!!! Did you miss us? We missed you!!! We all had a great vacation this past August and are ready to hit the back third of the year with some awesome shows! Fist up to bat, we have the Infecto Skeletons, recent staple of the ReNO punk rock music market. These guys were out there a lot this spring and summer, smashing old skool punk rock into audience’s ears. Infecto Skeletons even just got off of a So-Cal mini-tour, branching out from Mother Reno.

Justin Minyard, Infecto Skeletons, Worst Little Podcast 09 09 2013

The choirboy of the band.

We had a good time with them at the house and on the show. Maybe went a little overboard on the pre-party… we talked too much and then didn’t have anything to say on the show that was coherent. Go figure! On THIS show? But the boys in Infecto Skeletons put down some killer tracks that had me wishing I was drunk and at Shea’s with Felix or something, so I could blindly and drunkenly crash around the room to their dulcet tones.

Andrew Hockenberry, Infecto Skeletons, Worst Little Podcast 09 09 2013

Help me! This studio is hell!

Infecto Skeletons are Justin Minyard (vocals), Andrew Hockenberry (drums), Rash Kader (bass) and Mike Read (guitar). Aside from being a lot of fun to hang out with andd playing some great Reno punk rock music, they … uh… well, that’s about it really. I didn’t get that far in the interview – got distracted by the Worst Little Quiz and the epic battle for Last Place.

Rash Kader, Worst Little Podcast 09 09 2013.

It’s a terr- …ific guy!

If you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, we have really only two events we want to draw your attention to (Infecto Skeletons is playing at neither of them). First is on Friday at the Public House – Lend Jimi Damone a Hand – more info on the event to help Jimi Damone who recently suffered a debilitating accident in the show and on the event page. You can also donate to the cause at the Jimi Damone GiveForward page, where they have raised nearly 1/3 of their goal.

Also Sunday, please join Nick Ramirez at the Artist’s Lofts for a fundraiser for his cat, Loopy Lupe – listen and read, people, listen and read.

And don’t forget the Blazing Mics every Monday at Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor, brought to you by the Worst Little Podcast!

Mike Read, Infecto Skeletons, Worst Little podcast 09 09 2013

Read-beard the “Pirate”


As always, my friends, Thanks For Listening – see you next week!

Lucas Young – No Upbeat Songs

And away we go!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S3 E23

This every other week thing is starting to really mess up my schedule. Is it July? September? I don’t know anymore! But the studio has been a lot cooler to work in. Part of what makes it so friggin cool this week is the awesome Lucas Young! Lucas just met the guys from the show over this past summer and has impressed them all with what a superb singer, musician and songwriter he is! Lucas Young is the real deal.

Lucas Young, of Lucas Young and the Wilderness

Well, here’s a smiley fellow!

Lucas Young can be found all over Reno, playing solo or with the Wilderness at open mic nights, shows and this Friday at the Knitting Factory with Buster Blue!!! Pretty damn exciting. If you happen to live in TX, we have some breaking news for you – Lucas Young has a number of tour dates coming up in central TX this fall, so you should check him out!

Also on the show this week – a surprise visit from our favorite Canadian, Danielle French. Danielle was the first guest on our show, oh so many years ago. She’s back in town before the Burn, to play some music and chill with friends. We were so happy Danielle French took the time to stop by and see us!!!

Calgary-based Reno musician, Danielle French

Rick is still learning how to take pictures….

Well, I gotta run…
Thanks for listening!

Worst Little Podcast – Best of the Worst Reloaded

Lets try this again….

The Worst Little Podcast – 2013 07 06 Best Of


Bryce Albright looking up thoughtfully.

The sweater is to short.

So it belatedly came to my attention that the last time I posted a “Best of’ it just linked to the Scizopolitans’ episode.
Well here is the actual Best of the Worst put together by Executive Fluffer, Bryce!

Hope you enjoy! We’ll be back next week with Lucas Young!

Thanks for Listening!

Wildstock – Infecting you with Art

Did’ja miss me?

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S3 E22

This week we have a whole episode about what’s happening in Reno this weekend! What a shock!

Mike MacMillan on the Worst Little POdcast

Mike MacMillan – fuzzy and blurry

The first thing we’ve got is Wildstock! A benefit for the Wildflower Village. Organized by Michaeek MacMillan, Wildstock is a threeday blast out at the Wildflower Village, home to a gallery, absinthe bar, pub, the Iris Room and 2013 Nada Dada. It’s going to be a great event with lots and lots of local Reno music, burlesque, comedy, fire and much more!! Your very own Reverend Rory will be playing a set afternoon as well as emceeing most of the day.

Gabe Hilton

Introducing Gabe Hilton!

Mike brought a couple performers from the event with him – Gabe Hilton and Jill Marlene. While these two wonderful Reno musicians performed together as a mother-son duo on the podcast, they are actually playing in separate groups during the Wildstock event! Oh, Reno, you are a juggernaut of talent…..

Jill Marlene on the worst little podcast

Always Smiling
Jill Marlene

Old friend of the show, Elgin Alway also comes by to promote a comedy review that he’s put together at the Studio on 4th this Friday night. Should be a lot of fun, with three Reno comics and one from Sacramento! He’s also involved with a RAW Artists Reno show on the 22nd. Listen for details!

Elgin Alway

Elgin Alway
the horror…the horror

Also, while you’re out, don’t forget to check out the Biggest Little Lemonade Mixer, brought to you by Reno Arts & Exchange at Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor! Going to be a new networking event with performers and vendors and booths and LEMONADE!

Well, that’s all I know, so again, Thanks for listening!

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