Weapons of Mass Creation: Intensity in Everything

Stand up and make some noise!

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S2 E 34

Bringing it to you with a boom and a bang are Weapons of Mass Creation. They are going to assault your ears and make you think – dangerous stuff there. Joe Atack, Pan* Pantoja, Abel Press and Aric Shapiro dropped by the studio to blow us away for an hour or so with the heat. What kind of heat? The kind that makes you get out of your seat and onto your feet to clamor and stammer at the drop of the beat. (See I’m still so pumped from the show, they gots me rhyming.)

Pantoja throwin’ down.

While they do aim to entertain, Weapons of Mass Creation are advocates for the revolution of the mind, making people think dangerous thoughts and take direct action to build a better community. There is no fluff in their songs. They don’t know the meaning of ‘slow’. They only know how to go, go, go and inspire. Aside from the band, Pantoja and Shapiro are a driving force behind Reno Art Works. Pantoja is also an art instructor at Rainshadow Charter School. We spend a lot of time talking about how that august institution is doing and how they need some more community support. And strangely (for us anyway) we get pretty serious for a while at the beginning of the show, talking politics and philosophy before we get to all the sex and fart jokes.

Press is just happy to be here.

I almost for got to mention – CHEWBACCA IS BACK!!! After laying thousands of bricks in the past few months, he comes back and mouths off a whole bunch before ruining a bit at the end of the show. Yeah, laugh it up, fuzz ball. It was nice having the whole gang back together this week (although we will be taking a brief break next week since we’re all going to be at the Knitting Factory, watching The Liver Scars open for The Misfits. You should go. No, really – you should go.

Atack’s board is bigger than yours.

Finally, I want to mention that Weapons of Mass Creation are having a CD release show at Lincoln Lounge this Friday, 11/9. The CD, For Your Revolution, sounds killer. 10 bucks gets you in and a copy of the CD. You want to do this. Trust me. I know. They are an exciting fucking band and will melt your eyeballs out of your head.

This is how Shapiro gets it done.

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Stabby Unicorn: Prancecore!

Some days are just made for sleeping in.

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S2 E33

Hey Kids – how about a spooky podcast? Well, tough shit. Halloween is now over – it’s November and we all know that means it’s just 50-some odd shopping days until the burning death and destruction predicted in the Mayan calendar! In Studio this week, we have Eric Foreman, Daisy Foreman (no relation), and Rhiannon Box of Stabby Unicorn. If you want to know what they soud like, I’d hazard that it’s 80s goth/dance music with the sensibilities of 90s shoe-gazer rock… or something like that.

Daisy 'Hardcore' Foreman

Sorry it’s late again this week, but it’s a busy freaking season right now!!! Lots of great stuff happening over at the DOgwater Studios, including the release of the great (Un)Discovered 2012 comp, originally recordded in the backyard back in the beginning of the summer. Stabby Unicorn is on it, so is Rev. Rory – but he sucks and totally froze up. Stabby Unicorn didn’t – they killed it. Contact CherryBear Records or Dogwater Studios for your very own copy!

Eric ‘Emo-core’ Foreman

I’ve gotta run do this is about it. Go see Stabby Unicorn! Problably the best new Reno band this year, IMHO.
Thanks for listening!

Rhiannon ‘Nerdcore’ Box

The Big Bad: Down and Dirty

Bring it, son!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link -Season 2 Episode 32

Because FUCK YOU MORGAN! that’s why

So, I’m late. Again! And I’ll just apologize right now – this post is just gettin’ it done. No disrespect to The Big Bad, but between a computer meltdown, the (Un)Discovered comp Release on Tuesday at the Dogwater Punkin’ Carving Party, The Nowhere Nevada Carnival at Jub Jubs on Saturday, and the Rocky Horror Halloween Bash with Pinky Polanski at Cargo tonight at 8p and 12m, I’ve been slammed for time! And Not going to be my most thoughtful post yet.


I didn’t even actually make it to the show this past Monday because of a tech rehearsal for RHPS. Nick manned the ship this week.When I saw him later at the Blazing Mics open mic at Jub Jub’s he just told me, “Those guys are amazing.” I for one will just say, I really really like The Big Bad. Every time I have gotten to see them, they have killed it. New frontman Tree Woods is an old friend of mine and what he ads to the stew is like putting ghost chile’s on top of a roasted habanero curry powder! These guys are HOTT!

Spencer and Nick

OK – well I gotta go talk to someone about gold speedos. Go watch The Big Bad sometime. Morgan, Spencer, Clint and Tree are about as genuine and sincere people and performers as you’re going to get in Reno. Bring a date and get down to that shit.



Thanks for listening.

just kidding – we like morgan

DJ Heidilicious: Put on Your Dancin’ Shoes

I could talk to this woman all damn day.

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S2 E31

Hey, friends! It’s good to see you again! Whether you are at work, at home, Portland or Zanzibar, I hope you’re ready for some face-melting fabulousness. DJ Heidilicious came by to stomp on the studio this week and knows how to party, bringing her signature box o’ Franzia with her and getting us a little wine buzzy. She’s been really active in the Reno EDM scene this last year,  playing clubs, promoting friends and organizing shows. Heidilicious is down for the scene and thinks it’s time for the scene to get down. We’ve never had a DJ like her on before and it was fun to watch her work.

thrown’ beats down like a cop

DJ Heidilicious is also a part of the Reno Sound Collective, a group of local DJs  that are putting on shows together sometimes at your club or other times at the house down the street. I personally really enjoyed watching them on Ustream a few weeks ago when I was at home doing laundry and housecleaning. To borrow a phrase from the 80s and 90s, it was some dope-ass shit. Heidilicious gives us a few tastes of the sonic goodness – a teaser, if you will. Her beets will trickle right down to your feets, shakin’ those hips on the way down.

Intern and Franzia in Blue

From the gang, Rick Nick and Rory all talk about their weekends (although Rick’s weekend is EASILY the best story). As usual, they scope out the coming weekend for you with some of their picks of shows to see. DJ Heidilicious also has some upcoming shows, so please support some local music and check her ass out. It’s a nice one. We aren’t afraid of the beats and neither should you be  – get out ans see something different, hang out with people you don’t know – it could be fun.

She likes the wine…

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