The Best of The Worst

The Best of the Worst Little Podcast – from Kung Fu Sophie and Mark Earnest to The Gunner’s Daughter and Rigorous Proof (who already have a new name… again…).

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Hello my friends! As you will shortly find out, Rick needed a vacation so he left us high and dry. But rather than bone you with another week of nothing, we’re offering a taste of the best live performances on our first season. Chewie picked most of these out – there is a reason he is our musical archivist and historian; the man has great taste! Artists on this episode include Kung Fu Sophie, Tom Plunkett, Aversion Therapy, Grace, Mark Earnest, Spike and Jackson, Georgia Mowers, Present, The Firebombing, Del Mar, The Gunner’s Daughter, Big Remote and Rigorous Proof. Whew!

It’s a good year and this is a good episode, cutting out all the bullshit and talking and my un-funniness. I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for listening!

P.S. The cat came home!!!!

Fun Truck You and Your Family Too!

The Worst Little Podcast in the World, Season 2 Episode 4 featuring the power-pop stylings Caramello, Ju Ju Bee, Kit Kat, Bit o’ Honey and Pixie Stix of Candyshoppe!

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In a world, very much like our own….



…faces are changed to protect the names (and pride) of the innocent.

Welcome back! It’s been a long week, I know. My cat disappeared, it’s been storming and snowing in the mountains and OH MY GAWD DID YOU WATCH OSCARS????? (I didn’t…) But who cares about that – it’s time for your escape into our world! It’s a world of sweet sweet pop this week with Candyshoppe in studio!!! Candyshoppe is  Bit O’Honey, Kit Katt (top), Pixy Stix (center), Cara Mello and Juju Bee (bottom). They are here to kick ass and chew bubble gum – and they brought some of both for you! Rick spent a long time dialing in their sound – like seriously, prima donna, we’re on a timeline! and we think it sounds just great. This show is, in fact, the very first recording of Candyshoppe not done on a tape casette.


Rintoo "The Hellbeast" Dowd - missing since 2/24/12

That is my cat. She is missing. The Dowds are sad. I was really suprised that nobody made any jokes about me missing my pussy.

But back to the band: You can check them out on facebook and youtube. If’n you want to see them live they have two upcoming shows that they are really excited about. The first one is going to be THIS FRIDAY 3/2 at the Foxy Olive for First Friday with Eric Foreman. That should be a great time, if probably pretty crowded. The second show coming up  is a pretty interesting match.  They will be appearing at the Alley in Sparks  with The God-des and SHE from Austin, Texas on April 10th. They will probably have some more shows soon as their dance card is filling quickly.

Finally, Nick gives us all a sneak peek at the upcoming Marianarchy set lists. It’s gonna be a great show this year, with a probably return of BOTH Gunshot Likker and Phat Couch! Worth putting down the bong and going outside for, eh?

okay.... fine....

Have a great week everybody!!!! And Thanks for Listening!

Christy Lynn – Dork Diva

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This show is about as boring as fireworks. And BOOM! goes the dynamite!

Yeah. Fireworks. Which I happen to think are pretty bitchin’. Yeah “Bitchin'”,  which is a pretty rad word. And “rad” is so hella cool that those are my daughter’s initials. As you might be able to tell, I’m a little tipsy at the moment, it being Mardis Gras. Laissez les bon temps rouler! Yeah, I speak a smattering of Cajun if Google translate is handy. Word up to anyone in Lafayette, LA listening, but you’re not – you don’t care! Anyway…. Christy Lynn!!!

Our very good friend, Christy Lynn graced us with her presence  this week. She is such a blast. And if her father is reading this – don’t listen – she swears like a sailor and stuff. Really. You don’t wanna know. BUT! She really is a lot of fun. She is an active part of the music community in Reno, sparking up open mics and starting bands and plaing in jams all over town the last couple years. The fact that she’s got a sultry and pretty damn sexy blues voice doesn’t hurt either. You can catch her every W-F at Toast and Jam at the Studio on 4th. She’ll also be appearing with Blunderbusst and Candyshoppe (next week’s guests… hope that doen’t jinx it!) at The Treehouse Lounge this Saturday at 8pm.

And we can’t forget to mention OUR MOST SPECIUAL GUEST this week: Mister! Darin! Onoroff! *polite applause* Nick’s boyhood friend and … distant?… associate of the show had his birthday again this year. He had one birthday wish and one birthday wish only – to be on the mother frakking podcast. Although, I’m not sure why because he didn’t really seem to be in the same room with us, but whatever… it’s his birthday!!!  Yay!!! Happy Birthday Darin!  (get what I mean by “special” guest?)

At any rate – super awesome funtime show this week. I had a blast and everyone seemed happy in the end.
Isn’t that what we’re all really looking for?? ok…. besides a sack of money….


Thanks for Listening.

P.S. YES! I know “There’ss” is spelled wrong in the damn picture! Shaddup!


Broken Hearts, Lonely Hearts

Hello future test subjects!

Unfortunately, there is no show this week! Again! As much as we love him, Dogwater Dick is not superhuman or immune to disease. He gets sick like normal people. It just always  seems to happen at the same time as something important… like my wedding! Or for the Mary Jane Rocket show! Don’t worry though; he’ll be all fixed in a jiffy and we’ll get them rescheduled right quick! And I didn’t end up standing in the middle of the street flipping him off, again.

I’m sure we all had wonderful weekends and lots of terribly exciting things happened. What does Nick’s Journal have to say? Will Chewie ever be funny? Tune in next week for those answers and more amazing topics! In the meanwhile, Happy Valentines Day! Remember: It’s not about how much you love some one, but how hard you hit them…

…and thanks for listening!