Todd Ballowe – At the Stump

Todd Ballowe – At the Stump
Season 05

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You never really know what’s going to happen here…. so go ahead… just stick your hand in…

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E35 – Download Link

Switching gears from the onslaught of recent bands, this week, we went solo. We went old school, with longtime Reno musician, Todd Ballowe getting down at the studio. An ironman of Reno entertainers, Todd has played an active role, in different capacities, in the Reno entertainment and music scene for over 20 years. And yet, he still has time to drop by our shitty little show for a second time! What a sucker great guy!

Todd Ballowe, sitting with guitar, with the text "Simply... todd ballowe" in a fancy script

Experience the smoothness…

Todd was recently a featured performer at Marianarchy Winterball 2015 and you’ll be able to catch him at the upcoming, ressurected, new and improved, Foxy First Friday with the Reverend Rory Dowd at the Foxy Olive on January 1st! Despite NYE being on the day before Todd and I are going to rock the House, down at the Foxy. Won’t you join us?

Todd Ballowe, Reno singer/songwriter, laughing while sitting with guitar

hee hee

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The Electric – Robotic Urgency

The Electric – Robotic Urgency
Season 05

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Get up and dance for this, mang!

The Worst Little Podcast – 2015 11 30 – Download Link

Gobble Gobble, Rabbit Rabbit and Ho Ho Ho, my friends!! We hope your holiday season has started with a blast – or a shock! We have The Electric, a Reno NV rock band, in the studio with us this week. They are, in a word, electrifying! Billy Gun fronts the band on guitar with a tremendous voice behind his lyrics. He is backed by Darin Goslar, churning out the bass notes, and Brooklyn Reiff holding down the drums.

Billy Gunn of The Electric smiling broadly

Billy Gunn – Whooo!

The Electric has been around in Reno for a while, but have not played a lot of local shows, preferring to build their fan base in far off places like California. Most recently though, you may have caught them in Reno during the OffBeat Festival at the beginning of November. They are laying low for the winter, while Brooklyn has a surgery after a gnarly accident, but The Electric will be hitting Reno hard come the beginning of 2016 with their debut album, which is in mastering currently.

Darin Goslar, smiling enthusiastically and giving a thumbs up

Darin Goslar – Noice!

These guys were a hell of a lot of fun and have a lot of stories, only some of which we actually recorded. Can’t wait to see them in action again in front of a live audience, rather than just us dumbfucks.

Brooklyn Reiff of The Electric, smiling and shrugging widely, earing a shirt with the Wicked Witch of the West throwing up her hands in gang-signs that look like "W W"

Brooklyn Reiff – I dunno!

If you are out and about this weekend, please don’t forget to come by Jub Jub’s for Marianarchy Winterball 2015: A Benefit for Eva Yellowleaf. Eva is a dear sister to the Jub’s family and the WLP family, and has been suffering from seizure since a head injury over a year ago. She means a lot to us and so it would mean a lot to us if you could stop by, enjoy some drinks and misc, and throw a couple bucks her way! It’s all the regular Marianarchy shenanigans over Dec 4th and 5th! You know your holidays aren’t complete without a little Marianarchy.

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Anchors for Airplanes – Stacks of Songs

Anchors for Airplanes – Stacks of Songs
Season 05

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Nonsense or genius?

Worst Little Podcast – S5 E33 – Download Link

Welp, winter is finally here people – lots of snow on the ground and a chill in the air. Big part of why we didn’t have an episode last week – sorry for the interruption in your steady Reno entertainment feed. But we’ve got you’r back this week – Anchors for Airplanes, a Reno hard rock band,  dropped by with a set of polished songs to impress us with. Anchors for Airplanes is Brandon Bianco (vocals), Travis Ambrose (bass), Cody Walker (guitar), John Wooten (drums); they’re a bunch of local boys who just like playing really really tight and perfected original music.

Brandon Bianco - smiling for the camera

Brandon Bianco, happy to be here.

Anchors for Airplanes have been playing around Reno for a few years, building up a pretty decent following for their music. This is probably the most radio-ready and professional bands we’ve ever worked with – it was a little surreal, to tell you the truth. Typically Reno entertainment tends to be a little more … sloshed(?), but these guys waited so they could give us a great set. As usual, the show wasn’t exactly what they expected.

Cody Walker making a funny/surprised face at the camera.

Cody Walker, surprised to be here!

You’ll be able to experience Anchors for Airplanes yourself at an upcoming show at PB&J’s, a great new music venue on 4th street (seriously, east 4th street is awesome these days, you should check out some of the great Reno entertainment, food and art happening over there). On December 12th you’ll be able to catch them over there with 36 Crazyfists, Enter the Yeti and Limbs of the Arbitrator.

Travis Ambrose, holding his neon green bass with his eyes closed.

Travis Ambrose, so good, he doesn’t even have to be awake to be here.

So, we won’t be doing the show next week – errybody’s too busy with Thanksgiving and family and crap to do the show. HOWEVER, Marianarchy – A benefit for Eva Yellowleaf is coming up soon, so please stay tuned after the break to hear more about the show! Eva’s family to all of us around the Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor, so we really want to get the whole clan out.

2 images of John Wooten - one in profile smiling, one full portrait with no emotion

John Wooten thought it was mugshot day.

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This show dedicated to Mike Maier who was with us in the very beginning, before Dogwater was a Studio and just an idea. Happy trails, Mike. We’ll miss ye.

Last to Leave – Still Hanging On

And away we go!

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E32 – Download Link

Despite playing actively in Reno the entire time we have not been broadcasting, Last to Leave is a whole new side of the scene that the podcast has missed. Skye Evans and Ken Shepherd join us and play some jaw-droppingly awesome music this week. The music is complex and full-bodied, toe-tapping and fun; the lyrics are achingly depressing – even on the ‘happy’ songs. Skye Evans (founder of the band and literally the last to leave Last to Leave) is graduating shortly and will be leaving Reno for northern climes. Bittersweet it is, to see him go, but we wish him well in the future!

Skye Evans in a Halloween 2 t-shirt and drinking coffee

Michael wants Skye’s coffee

Ken Shepherd on the other hand can’t get out of Reno if he tried. Shepard is currently still the bassist for The Whitebulbs and also Busking by Moonlight, a fantastic new indie blues act that you’ll be able to catch at the upcoming OffBeat Festival – this very weekend! You’ll be able to catch Last to Leave’s FINAL PERFORMANCE (that may or may not be true) at the Holland Project on November 17th.

Ken Shepherd in two images making very goofy faces

Ken “Ladies Man” Shepherd

We are all really excited about the OffBeat Festival. If you haven’t heard by now, click the link and listen on the show – this event will be insanely awesome. In order to make it so, legendary Phat Couch will be playing at Jub Jub’s on Friday night, along with Nick Ramirez, Forrest Day, Plastic Caves and Los Pistoleros! And all of this madness will be hosted by the Rev! And that’s just ONE SHOW on ONE NIGHT! This is a 4-day festival with 90+ bands in 13+ venues. We are lucky enough to have Steve Foht, singer for Phat Couch and longtime friend of Nicky visit us on the show. Though currently thriving in Peru, IN as the owner of Boondocks Food & Spirits, Fot was once one of the giants of the Reno music scene, way back in the nineteen-nineties! It’s a pleasure to have him on and will be great to rock out this weekend.

Steve Fot, singer for Phat Couch and owner of Boondocks Food & Spirits, covered in rain

Steve Foht

Anyway, get the details in the link or on the show. I’ll see you there.

Thanks for Listening.