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The Felix Polanski Show! (2.0)

Felix ‘Blackout’ Polanski – Falling down drunk

I don’t know why I even show up anymore…

Our podcast goes to ’11’. Felix, from Pinky Polanski, invades our studio with his pinko ways, tries to start a revolution and pretty well succeeds in taking over the show from the get go. We try to keep him on track, but it’s about as productive as throwing papertowels at a thunderstorm. Nick and Felix perform an original tune and break Nick’s guitar!!

We also have a live studio audience for the first time. “The Kodiak” and “Jessalicious” hang with Rick in the tech room, chiming in occasionally. Also, our very first sponsors! Somewhere in the middle of this chaotic party we actually have a show, I swear.

Return of the Chewbacca

Return of the Chewbacca
Season 01

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WLPEpisode 007

Steak. You want it.

Hey hey hey, the gang’s all here for a very special Steak and Blowjob Day episode!

We’ve missed him. YOU’VE missed him. Back by popular demand, our resident Reno music historian Josh Martin is back in the house! He’s been out in Elko making somebody else a lot richer – so listen and find out what that’s all about.

We all make misakes. Really – ALL of us. We correct ourselves for posterity and your edification. No musical guests this week, but Josh brought in an old trackl (actually recorded on cassette in a warehouse) by an early Reno hardcore band, Short Fuse. Plus, Rickey gives us an unmastered teaser from the upcoming Ditch the Pilot album.

We also want to hear back from youy guys this week. Nick wants you to let us know what your Top Ten Reno bands are, past or present. Drop us a line on the Facebook page, we’ll make a compliation of all the votes and devote an episode (in a couple weeks) to some of those fine folks with the most votes. Rory announces a contest to design our logo. That’s right, break out your crayons, cameras, or digital markers and if we like it, we’ll use it and maybe give you a t-shirt.( And by that I mean, one of our own t-shirts since we don’t have a logo to put on a t-shirt.)

Next Week: Felix Polanski

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