Dave Richards: Mister 364

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 016

Dave Richards

Still working off of the 2010 setlist

First off – Marianarchy Marianarchy Marianarchy! More on that later.

Not all the rockstars in Reno are always in a band. Mr. Dave Richards is a behind the two way mirror  scenes kind of guy, directing plays, taking and editing videos. Speaking of editing videos, we talk about the final cut of the Marianarchy 2010 videos. Man, they look great.

Josh Martin is in the studio, in the flesh once again. Lucky for us, his job went well and finished ahead of schedule. Unfortunately for Mrs. Chewie, though, her shoe budget might be facing a freeze or some cuts. Rory describes something in detail that fascinates Rick and makes Nick squirm! We also unveil a new and improved Worst Quiz Ever… and background music!

Thanks for sticking this in your ear!

Grace Gatsby Sings Hutchison…?

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 015

Grace Gatsby

After we recap our Mother’s Day celebrations and last week’s River Fest, Josh Martin checks in from the mines of Elko. We also take a look at the inside of Grace Gatsby’s head… well, not really. That would be, awkward, to say the least. But we do get to know this world traveller and local singer/songwriter  just a little bit better. However, before the show, she lectured us about her good reputation and public image, so we promised not to say anything about her third world sweat-shop, pyramid scams or chain of houses of ill repute. Nope. We don’t drag her name through the mud at all or ask her any uncomfortable questions during the Worst Little Quiz. In keeping with our extremely high standards, Grace throws down and plays a live version of her song ‘Magic’. She’s a lot of fun to talk to and I imagine you’ll all be as disappointed as we were when the interview had to end.

The Empire of Dufrisne

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 014

Screamy Tim

Next on WLP: When Nerds Attack

It’s the quiet ones that you gotta watch out for… they’re usually crazy.

This week on the Worst Little Podcast in the World, bullshit artist comedian Tim Dufrisne joins us in the studio. Tim has haunted and stalked open mics in Reno for over ten years in Reno, focusing on his comedic skillz in the last five years. He’s an integral part of the Empire Comedy and Empire Improv groups and teaches in their improv classes. On this episode he keeps Chewie’s seat warm while the big man toils away in a mine. Check him and Empire Comedy out this Friday at 10:30 at the Good Luck Macbeth Theater.

We’re kind of all over the road on this one, talking about Nick’s recent nuptials, Tim’s disturbing childhood, and even current events! I mean, really, how could we not talk about Seal Team Six bringing back the World Hide and Seek Championship Ring? We also have yet ANOTHER first – our first phone interview! Since he couldn’t make it in town to the wedding, we called up Steve Fot, long-time Reno rockstar and good friend of the show, to bust his balls about not being in town. The phone is very exciting… who knows… maybe the next person we call is YOU!!

Reno’s Own Royal Wedding


Congratulations to Nick and Maia on this auspicious day of their public declaration of love.

You both mean a lot to so many people around the Reno Sparks area and give of your selves to your friends and community.
We love you both so much!!!! Reno would not be the same place without you.

You crazy kids have fun now!