RENO WHORES!! feat. The Madorians

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 009

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So, the site had a little structural issues this past week, but the foundation seems to be stable again. For now.

Anyway, we have an …interesting… show this week*. Not only is Josh Martin out in the field again, but Rory also failed in booking Tree Woods on the show this week (he’ll be on in the near future, so keep looking for that). Lots of fun criticizing his obvious faults throughout the whole show and more of him talking out his ass. We listen to some recordings of the Madorians at the Dogwater Studios. Rick nerds out on microphones a couple of times, so get out your towels all you dirty technophiles! Nick and Rick fight valiantly to be the best speller on the show. and we review some site statistics over the last month.

Next Week: Sophie Ralston


* – I actually was planning to write a longer bit about the show, but in addition to the website issues the Notorious R.A.D. was in the hospital this week. All is well, she just had an adventure with cough syrup and was admitted overnight for monitoring. No permanaent health concerns, but she says she had some crazy dreams – more on that next week too. 


Migration is complete.   Everyone welcome Worst Little Podcast to its new internet home!

All service should now be restored.   We’re go for launch!   Or at least a new episode…

This Week’s Episode

This weeks’s episode has been delayed due to some techinical issues with the site that we pretty close to having resolved, as well as an unscheduled trip to the ER.   (Everyone’s fine, just sleepy.)

We expect to have it up sometime today though, as we have a few shows and such on Friday to plug.   Stay tuned.

The Felix Polanski Show! (2.0) **REPOST**

I don’t know why I even show up anymore…

Our podcast goes to ’11’. Felix, from Pinky Polanski, invades our studio with his pinko ways, tries to start a revolution and pretty well succeeds in taking over the show from the get go. We try to keep him on track, but it’s about as productive as throwing papertowels at a thunderstorm. Nick and Felix perform an original tune and break Nick’s guitar!!

We also have a live studio audience for the first time. “The Kodiak” and “Jessalicious” hang with Rick in the tech room, chiming in occasionally. Also, our very first sponsors! Somewhere in the middle of this chaotic party we actually have a show, I swear.