I got yo’ Present right here!

The Rythm Section – Nick and Roger

The Leader – Mr. Tobin Jones!

Back in the saddle again!
At least for now – Chewie is going out on the job for about a month. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out Good luck, friend! We wish you well!
How about that new logo! A big big BIG thank you to Felix Polanski for designing that for us. Coming soon to a T-shirt near you.
Back to this week- in studio we have the righteous talents of Present, the humbe side of Reno supergroups. Present is Tobin Jones, Roger Rowland and WLP’s own Nick Ramirez – three long-time veterans of the Reno music scene. Present has a lineup of really tight, pretty, and rockin’ songs (chick rock). The boys are all married, so condolences to all the Present groupies awaiting them throughout Northern Nevada. Seriously though, Present is still a pretty new band and they have a TON of upcoming shows – that only happens if you’ve got the goods. Since they don’t have much of an internet presence, you’ll have to listen to the WHOLE show to find out where they are playing next.
Nick brings a special story to tell about the ongoing dmise of Hella A Capella, Reno’s only a capella group. It’s truly a heart- warmer you can read to your kids at night. It’s too bad what happened, and you might think Nick was kinda being a dick (lol) but we wish the remaining members of the band well in the future.
That’s it for this week. And remember, if you’re going to get a tattoo, make it a Stingray Tattoo – mention you heard about them on the podcast!
Thanks for listening.

Georgia Mowers – She’s Still Out of Bubble Gum

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 022

Sweet Georgia

Sweet Georgia, …all that and SASSY, too!

Happy Fourth of JUly!!!

First off, a big thanks to anyone who has served in our armed forces, civil services or the general public good. Thanks for participating in democracy, instrad of spectating, and doing your part to making the United States of America Teh United States of Awesome. If you njoy your barbecue and don’t blow your hand off – you’ll need that to check out Stingray Tattoo for your patriotic ink!

Today we have the super hot, brassy and ballsy, lovely and talented (and did I mention HOT?!?!!!) MISS Georgia Mowers. A long time friend of the show, Georgia is kicking more ass than ever and not just because she’s all out of bubble gum. She has been in hiding; travelling, learning and developing as a person and as a performer. She hasn’t been active much recently, but has an upcoming Pushbox reunion and debuts some of her new solo originals that she has been working on, going under the solo nom de plume of The Lark. DAMN that girl can sing. Listen in and check out the details for the Pushbox show. It’s a good time.

I really meant to get this podcast up a few days ago, but the weekend just kind of got away from me. Too much fun stuff to do in town, between the Outsleazed Fest, Aceball, Arttown, NMA, the river, great weather, festivals, cook-offs barbecues,…

Get out and enjoy this place, you god-forsaken fools!!!! Also don’t forget to visit Jub Jub’s Thiest Parlor next weekend for their 1 year anniversary shindig! FYDx365!!!

Oh, and thanks for listening!

A Satisfactory Episode

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 021

We gonna kick it old-skool.

Yeah, well, due to some scheduling difficulties and missed connections we had no guest this week. Instead, we play a few more songs from the Great Undiscovered 2011 show and get caught up on a bunch of things we’ve wanted to talk about. Rory and Nick and Josh do NOT talk about the secrets of the Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus, although they do talk about some of Rory’s experiences at the most recent doin’s in Virginia City.

Bagleheads and amputation also take up a good chunk of the conversation. If you don’t know what a baglehead is, you gotta listen to the whole show! At some point Cody drops in and contributes to the amputation side of the conversation. Nick stares blankly at the wall and doesn’t say much during this segment.

Don’t forget to check out the Outsleazed Fest, July 1-3 at Jub Jub’s and Shea’s. Listen for more details or contact those fine establishments for info. It’s going to be a great show with 30+ scummy punk bands from all over the west coast including hometown heroes Gehenna, The Shames and Elephant Rifle.

Also according to Rick in a text message this morning, “Josh is funnier than I thought.” So all in all, a good show – Enjoy!

And thanks for listening.

Spike and Jackson – Attack of the Media Whores

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 20 <—- a milestone! Thanks for listening!

Layla James

FINALLY!! A professional! (really? her?)

It has been a while! Good to be with you!

We return with a tempered vengance and too much to talk about! Neither Rory nor Nick got to talk about everything they wanted to get to. We are proud to announce a brand new sponsor of the show, STINGRAY TATTOO. Check out the oldest custom tattoo shop in Reno online at www.stingraytattoo.net or their Facebook page. We also recap the events of the past two weekends (Rick-stock and the Block Party), toothaches and plagues, and sadly, the passing of Dogwater Studios’ mascot, Ichabod Speck Spagnola. A fine chihuahua he was, and a longtime member of the Reno scene. Show a little love and pet a dog, bitches.

Jackson Truckle of Spike and Jackson

Mr. Personality!

In studio we have some great friends and a new friend with us. Layla James of Rock 104.5 FM and iamlaylajames (and TV and commercials and all sorts of other cool stuff we’re all jealous of) hangs out with us and films us for her own video blog. She was a blast and welcome to take a chairor call in any time she wants. Unfazed by any and all questions. As opposed to Jackson Truckle of Spike and Jackson who spoke maybe 7 and 1/2 words, aside from singing.

Spike and Jackson's very own Spike!

He plays so fast enough to look like an amputee!

That’s right – on the Internets for the first time EVAR: Spike and Jackson!!! They so old school, they don’t have computers! These stone age rockers throw down a couple of tracks and join in with the (Ever-Evolving) Worst Quiz Ever. Also, join us for our first installment of “What’s Matty Drinking?”, hopefully a brand new segment centered around intoxication. In addition to being a mild-mannered news guy on KOH, Matt is a loyal fan and good buddy. We’ll check back with him next week.

My bow-tie and I wish you adieu!