Raksha Paksha and Other Made Up Words

Welcome all to the last, and late episode of our Women’s March. For the record – it was recorded in March, so nyah.

We are happy to have our good friends, a new and improved Raksha Paksha on the show this week. The duo is now a trio! Carolyn and Shaolin Gates are joined by multi-talented bassist, Kat MacMartin! Kat’s talents extend far past the bass, as you’ll hear in the interview.

screenshots of the band while they chat via zoom
Live from quarantine

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to rig it up for any live music, but the ladies did bring a few tracks for us to use. Their new album is due to come out sometime this year, as long as the planet doesn’t eat us all first. Head over to their Facebook page or the Raksha Paksha website in order to stay on top of their activities.

the trip stands in a row: Kat, Shaolin and Carolyn, all looking at objects in their hands.
Raksha Paksha Time

Well, I don’t have much else but a reminder to stay the fuck home, keep healthy, mentally and physically, and eat your greens for 4/20.

Thanks again to Zoom for hosting our podcast during the duration of the health crisis – totally not a modern plague.

Thanks for listening.

The COVIDtones – Live and Uninfected

The COVIDtones – Live and Uninfected
Season 10

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…and we are BACK!

Like many of you, we were a little unprepared last week and made an 11th hour decision not to record the show. We do apologize to our scheduled guest, Andii Rose, for the late notice and hope to get her rescheduled later this summer. So in the meantime, do us a favor and check out the link to her FB and music.

This week we were able to utilize the technology of the FUTURE (now)!!!! A big thanks to Zoom Cloud Meeting Pro for being available to help us make this show happen even during a global health crisis. We have recorded a show in disparate locations and STILL had a great time.

Continuing with Week 3 of Women’s March, in a Worst Little Podcast first, we bring you The Grimtones in a live, teleconferenced episode of the show. If you know the show, you know Michelle Belle and Carter Stellon are longtime friends of WLP and co-conspirators with Dogwater Studios.

circle logo with a silhouette of a black cat and black stars on white with "the grimtones" in capitalized handwriting below

Originally, they were supposed to come on to promote and upcoming show (with Sit Kitty Sit… who showed us the Zoom app so we can do their podcast in a couple weeks), shich has since been cancelled …. (but according to sources, MAY still happen over the interwebz, so stay tuned). So, we hung out and talked about their release from last December, the plague COVID-19 health crisis, and how we’ve all been faring in lockdown.

They also treat us to some actual live acoustic music! We get just a couple songs off the CD “Nine Lives” (which you can check out everywhere online), but mostly, we get whole new iterations, unique utterances, of some great Grimtones tunes.

image of Carter and Michelle to either side of Dogwater Dick dressed as a parson in a graveyard as a promotion for their album, Nine Lives
(out now…obvs)

Live we say in the show, we hope everyone out there is staying safe and isn’t in dire need of anything. Most importantly, we do encourage everyone to wash their hands and stay home as much as possible – especially resident nurse, Kadillac Kim! If nothing happens, we did our jobs.

We also wanted to list some important information here too, regarding public assistance if you or anyone you know is facing financial jeopardy during this time. Please avail yourself of these resources:

If you need to apply for Unemployment Insurance, or want to simply find out if you are eligible, officials suggest applying right away and thank you for your patience in this time of need and uncertainty. You can apply at http://detr.nv.gov

If you need help resetting your UIB password or username, please visit http://gov.nv.gov/Forms/Unemployment/

If you want to apply for SNAP (food stamps) or Medical coverage, and the Governor encourages every Nevadan without insurance to apply (so no one is without adequate medical care at this time), please apply for your benefits at http://dwss.nv.gov

Washoe County School District and the Food Bank of Northern Nevada are continuing to serve pickup meals for all children 18 and under at area elementary schools and middle schools. Get more information at https://www.washoeschools.net/Page/14379

Keep your nose clean – and thanks for listening.

Kat Heart/Kid Rocker

Kat Heart/Kid Rocker
Season 10

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Hello! Welcome to this week’s Worst Little Podcast! We’re here with two amazing ladies, Kat Heart and Melanie to talk about life in the Reno music scene and Kid Rocker. I can’t think of a better combo for our second week of Women’s March. Press play!

Kat Heart

Kat has been playing in Reno for about a year and a half now. Catch her weekly at Rue Bourbon and occasionally at open mic night at Pignic! She’ll be performing this Friday at Rue Bourbon with next week’s podcast guest Miranda Rose!


Our good friend Melanie is here to talk about Kid Rocker, a non profit started by friend of the show Lucas Paul. Their mission is to provide music education and performance opportunities to at risk kids in our community. Head to Facebook for more info.

Proof of Rick’s goth days

Big thanks to Mel and Kat for hanging out with us this week! It was a great time! Join us next week for our third week of Women’s March shows featuring Miranda Rose. Thanks for listening!

Tenacious Double D – Nowhere To Go But Up

Tenacious Double D – Nowhere To Go But Up
Season 10

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Hello and welcome to this week’s show! Kicking off this year’s Women’s March shows are our good pals Juggs Black and Kans Gas of the amazing and hilarious Tenacious D cover band, Tenacious Double D! We’re talking sister fights, new Festivus traditions, and mustache rides. Press play!

Amy is super happy to be here!

Big thanks to Tenacious Double D for hanging out this week. We laughed til we cried. We’re back next week with Kat Heart and a special surprise guest! In the meantime head to some shows! Check out the following:

Thursday – Loud As Folk: Jade Brodie tour kickoff/Revision Beer Release at Pignic! 21+ 8PM $5 donation to the SPCA

Saturday – The Grimtones “Band-iversary” with Black Leather Outlaw at Alturas Bar. 21+ 8:30PM $5

Thanks for listening!