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Ryan James and Good Luck Macbeth – The Podcast About a Dick

S9 E22

Greetings and welcome back to the Worst Little Podcast! Your hosts Rick, Nick “I’m Too High for This” Ramirez, Chewbacca and Kadillac Kim are back after a little vacation to bring you an exciting show featuring the immensely talented singer-songwriter, Ryan James, and the partial cast/crew of Good Luck Macbeth’s The Play About a Dick. We’re talking about dicks this week so buckle up. This episode is definitely NSFG (Not Safe for Grandma). Press play!

Ryan James poses in front of a mural in Reno.

Ryan James

First up is our musical guest Ryan James, who is prepping for his first full length album release this Friday at West Street Market with the Grimtones and Jake Houston. Ryan has put together quite the Reno super group to back him. You’re in for a treat Friday night at this all ages show.

Ashley James from Good Luck Macbeth posing with herchin in her hand.

Ashley James from Good Luck Macbeth

We were also joined by Ashley, Dave, and Amanda Alvey who is the director of the newest show at Good Luck Macbeth, The Play About a Dick. From the event page: Good Luck Macbeth is proud to produce the US premiere of Aaron Wilton’s hilarious and provocative work, “The Play About a Dick”. A middle-aged woman, Enid, meets a younger man online for sex. But what starts as a simple rendezvous becomes a darkly comedic exploration of vulnerability, intimacy and empathy. After an unpredictable reaction, things become chaotic for Enid as her life gradually spirals outward. The play about a dick. examines themes of communication, guilt, kindness, solitude, gender roles, human connection, post-truth reality and existential vacuity. Its also a play about a dick.

Amanda Alvey laughing for the camera.

Amanda Alvey – Director of The Play About a Dick

Dave from Good Luck Macbeth holding light sabers.

“It’s a deep, penetrating play. It makes you laugh and it makes you cry, which dicks can do.” – Dave Richards

Thanks so much to all of this weeks guests! We had a great time. There are some great shows and events happening this weekend in Reno. Make sure you check out some of my picks:

Friday – Before Your Last Stand Album Release Party with Ryan James. See this weeks guest, alongside our friends the Grimtones and Jake Houston at West Street Market. 7PM All ages!

Silver: Rollin’ on the River with Scott Pemberton at Wingfield Park. Show starts at 5:30 exactly so get down to the park early for this rad free show!

Saturday – Get back to your (folk) roots with The Riverside LIVE at Pignic! There’s lots of hype around these guys. You won’t want to miss them! 8PM 21+ No cover.

Sunday – Graff City at The Generator is the first graffiti event in Reno! 11AM to 8PM all ages $5

Beyond – El Salvador Summer Show! Love-Birds, Blunderbusst & Baby Dog at El Salvador restaurant June 18th at 8PM.

The Lazy Universe Reno CD Release Party with One Ton Dually, June 21st at Jub Jub’s. 9PM 21+

Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets.

Scott Turek – Sad Songs and Waltzes ARE Selling Today

Back again for the first time…solo! We have the pleasure of getting to hang out with our good friend Scott Turek this week. Scott (formerly of Bazooka Zoo) comes to us this time around with a very special offering – sad, sad, sad songs on the acoustic guitar. Despite his playful and sunny exterior, inside this husk of a man is a brooding and tortured heart, bereft of hope. Just kidding…. there’s like ONE dance-y tune in here (but seriously, ladies and gents, someone hug this man!)

Scott Turek, winking and pointing a finger at the camera in a "cool guy" pose under a cartoon star and rainbow

Scott Turek

Scott does gift us with a great set of his own music, some planned for, some not, but all quite on point and mesmerizing. His voice oozes into your ears like smooth caramel, taking you along for the story, while his fingers dance on the strings, keeping the momentum going. This man is some serious songwriting and playing talent; enough that I question whether or not his soul has been left tied up at a crossroads somewhere. You’ll be able to catch him at the Midtown Art Walk stage at Statewide Lighting, on Virginia Street on June 28. You can also find him on his website.

Kim is still not with us this week, but I’ll do my best to keep up with the weekend roundup:

Continuing all weekend long, through Saturday, June 30, Merry War Theater is presenting The Taming of the Shrew on the steps of the Lear Theater at sundown.

Tonight June 21 has two great shows lined up for you:
At Shea’s is The Deadly Gallows, Sanderlings and Josiah Knight!
Also, at Clark Lane Mall you can catch Color TV, Marigold, Frankly Fictitious and Blunderbusst!

Saturday has

Murderock Album Release Party w/ Viva Revenge and Grimedog at Shea’s

This Great State w/ Lucid & Vague Choir at The Saint!


Werewolf Club, Ancient Pools at Saint James Infirmary


Low La La at The Canvas Cafe

MJB @ The Saint w/Nothing Like a Dame


El Bowlritto 5 at the Skatehouse

Taipan, Contortion, Smooth Sailing at Jub Jub’s


The events just never stop people.

Thanks for listening.

Cole Adams – Ghost Cat

S8 E20

Seasoned troubadour Cole Adams wandered on into the podcast this week to play some tunes for us. Cole is a singer/songwriter new to the 775; most recently he had been living and playing in LA, having moved there from St. Louis, MO. Lots of love for ‘The Lou’ this week and The Rev and Cole gush at each other a little bit. After many years of strong performances, Adams struck out west, landing in LA for a time. He had the opportunity to play and record with Generations, a San Diego area band. This is also where he met hew partner, Stevie Rose, at a coffee shop. Stevie Rose is a henna artist working in the Reno/Carson/Sparks and Stead area. (You can find her designs or contact her for services at Heart of Henna.) The couple recently moved to the Reno area for new opportunities.

Cole Adams holding a guitar and smiling

Cole Adams

Cole will be appearing all summer long at The Renaissance and you can find out more about that on Cole’s Facebook page. Cole will be appearing at Ceol in a few weeks and will be a featured performer at the July “Loud As Folk”. Cole also has a Youtube channel, Cole Adams Music, where he will be releasing new videos every week.

Stevie Rose of Heart of Henna, accompanying Cole Adams on The

Stevie Rose

As you may have gathered, this is not Kadillac Kim writing this. Kim had a major surgery this week and will be out of commission for a few weeks. At the time of this writing, Kim is healing well and itching to get back home. We wish her well and are excited for her to be fully healed and able to live her life again. WE LOVE YOU KIM!!!!!

Thanks for Listening.

Heterophobia – Princess Take the Wheel

S8 E19

Greetings and welcome to the Worst Little Podcast! Joining us this week are podcast virgins Heterophobia. We’re going deep and getting inappropriate. We’ve got stories! We’ve got music! We’ve got a ceramic frog with a giant penis! All this and more on this weeks show. Press play.

Jace singing and playing guitar.

Jace – Guitar/Vocals

Bread from Heterophobia plays his bass.

Bread – Bass

Heterophobia has been making waves in Reno for a little while and they’re getting ready for their first tour, kicking off this Friday, June 8th, at Shea’s. Head to their bandcamp to download their new album, Chlorine Dreams, or do one better and come to their show this weekend to pick up a copy!

Erik from Heterophobia plays his guitar.

Princess – Guitar

The members of reno band Heterophobia posing behind the drum kit.

Heterophobia – left to right: Bread, Cactus Head on drums, Jace, and Erik

Thanks again to Heterophobia for spending so much time with us drinking beer and making dick jokes. It’s a hard job (*snickers*) but someone has to do it.

This weekend is packed with great shows. Check out the following and be sure to say hi if you see any of us around!

Friday – Our friends at 10 Torr Distilling and Brewing are celebrating their first anniversary this Friday with a block party. Head down for some tasty brews, live music, food trucks, and more starting at 12PM. 21+ No cover

Heterophobia/ Machine/ Wild Evel & The Trashbones/ Corner Store at Shea’s. 8PM 21+ $8

Saturday – Dead Country Gentlemen + Sit Kitty Sit at Pignic! 9PM 21+ No cover

Beyond – Wednesday, June 13th see our friends The March Divide // Blunderbusst // Eric Foreman // Bad Haircuts at Foxy Olive. 9PM 21+ Bring money for the touring bands.

Thanks again for listening. Don’t forget to head to our Patreon if you like what we do. See you next week when we welcome singer-songwriter Cole Adams.

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