Reno’s Own Royal Wedding


Congratulations to Nick and Maia on this auspicious day of their public declaration of love.

You both mean a lot to so many people around the Reno Sparks area and give of your selves to your friends and community.
We love you both so much!!!! Reno would not be the same place without you.

You crazy kids have fun now!

Aversion Therapy: Not just for kids anymore!

Aversion Therapy: Not just for kids anymore!
Season 01

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Worst Little Podcast – Episode 13 


Aversion Therapy

Rocking out obscure covers since … well, we forgot to ask….


 We’re the Worst Little Podcast/ talkin’ out of our ass!

That’s just a taste of the totally freaking awesome song Aversion Therapy wrote for us. They went back and listened to the archives and dug up a bunch of dirt to ridicule your favorite Reno whores with – thanks, guys! As the man says, ‘sleep with one eye open.’ We’ll be seeing ya. Soon!

Really though lots of fun this week. Nick talks about his suprise bachelor party last weekend, Rory reveals some disturbing elements of his sexual awakening as a young man and Rick zings us all with samples on his fancy soundboard. Chewie is MIA once again, working hard for the corporate masters in Elko or Winnemucky or some other godforsaken ghost town fine community in the Great State of Nevada. The guys from Aversion Therapy showed up with intact senses of humor and threw down some pretty great songs, like ‘Tequilabotoomy’ and ‘You wont Return My calls, So I Put a Spycam on Your Dog’. They are a unique band, writing one song a month based on suggestions on their facebook page. Go check them out either there or at their website; it may be the best 20 minutes you spend all half-hour!

How You Like Them Sonsabitches Now?

How You Like Them Sonsabitches Now?
Season 01

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Worst Little Podcast – Episode 012

Them Sonsabitches

Them Sonsabitches in their natural habitat.

“I want it on my tits.”

Engaging, no? If you want to know more, you have to listen to the whole show. This week’s episode is part rock and roll and part that certain kind of magic that only happens between eight guys in a dimly lit room.We ended up having a great ashow with Them Sonsabitches. This was a first for our little fake radio show – we had a whole band in with us at once. We fit all Them Sonsabitches and Reno Whores in one tiny room. The Dogwater Studios never smelled more like dogwater (at least since Rory moved out. ed.- Rick would like to state for the record that Rory’s aroma was more like ‘goat and feet’.).

Scotty, Mike, Jon, Nate and Grayson are a bunch of artfag posers fun bunch of guys to hang out with and when it comes to music, should look for a second day job  lay down some righteous tracks. They are a band of trailer-born brimstone-eatin’ rockers. Them Sonsabitches enjoy energy drinks, guns, chewing bubble gum and long walks on the beach. Their dream fan is someone who enjoys their backpack, being smug, air guitaring and has a great smile.

Check out Them Sonsabitches this Friday with Pinky Polanski, The Regan Years and Mary Jane Rocket at The Alley in Sparks. Show starts at 9pm, $10. Advance tickets are on sale at The Alley and directly from the bands themselves. Advance tickets are only $8. Send any of the bands a message on Facebook or email, or get out of the house and stop by The Alley.

Tom Plunkett v. Battle Born Derby Demons

Tom Plunkett v. Battle Born Derby Demons
Season 01

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Click here for audio >>>>  Worst Little Podcast – Episode 011  <<<<

I’ve really got to stop plugging next week’s episode*…

Chewie’s back in the house  with absolutely nothing interesting to say about working in Winnemucca. So instead, we talk with bur biggest celebrity yet: as seen on basic cable between the hours of 11pm and 6am all across Washoe Valley, the fabulous Mr. Tom Plunkett. A multi-talented creator and artist, Tom regales us with tales of high colonics and ruining Shakespeare. He also plays some pretty mean guitar while visiting the Dogwater Studios.

But Tom is not alone this week. Irma Geddon from the Battle Born Derby Demons stops by to plug the season home opener at Lawlor this Saturday. IF you’re not familiar with BBDD, let me explain: girls on wheels+scoring system+mild violence=awesome. The sport has seen a resurgence in the last number of years all across the country and the Battle Born Derby Demons have been representing Reno with pride. Irma also has a super sexy voice. You would pay to listen to her read a phonebook. Trust me.
NEXT WEEK: somebody cooler than me?

*(So, last week I mentioned that Greg Allen was going to be on the show this week, but we never got a confirmation. Greg left me some jive ass message about being abducted by aliens and anally probed by his modem. Whatever, cool guy. We’ll talk later.)