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Newbound and Vickie Gordon – Do Stupid Things

Aaaaand we are BACK! Ha HA!

The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E5 – Download link

Thank you for your patience, please enjoy the complementary mimosas with this episode [NOT INCLUDED]. A big big BIG, sloppy-with-tongue “thank you” to Senior Production Assistant, Nate Sanders for filling in for the Rev while he was away. It’s good to be back, refreshed and invigorated! To that end, we invited Newbound – a new sound in the Reno music collage – to play on the show. Newbound is a Reno, NV post-punk rock band featuring Dana Deitrich, Ry Stolz, Nick Viland  and Kyle Campbell. They’ve got shoegaze appeal, angsty yelling, thoughtful lyrics and fantastic melodic noise jams.

Dana Dietrich - Bass Kyle Campbell - Guitars, Vocals

Fine lads, the lot of em. You can check them out all over social media, their website and music sharing sites – but you really ought to get a hold of them for a Newbound CD – I really like their debut EP. More importantly, go check them out at their show at the end of the month, on March 30, at PB&J’s opening for the I Set My Friends on Fire tour. It will be worth it.

Nick Viland - Guitars Ry Stoltz - Drums

Also joining us this week is one of the Rev’s favorite people in the world: Reno comic, drinking buddy and purveyor of fine flannels, the lovely and talented Vickie Gordon. In addition to busting chops, Vickie is also on the show to promote next weekend’s Ladies of Laughter Comedy Show. Hosted by Sally Mauldin, and with special guests Vickie Gordon and Josie Spadoni, the Ladies of Laughter (LOL!) comedy show stars none other than Kat Simmons, an internationally featured comedian and public speaker. It’s a pretty solid lineup, laugh-o-philes; go see some real comedy at a show!

vickie gordon

Hella. It’s good to be back.

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(oh yeah – there’s a new intern – Fake Rick)

The Hunt Club – Fresh as the Driven Snow

…which is, fairly filthy…

The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E2 – Download Link

Welcome to February, the bleakest time of year, where the sun hides and we all turn into murderous lunatics. Good luck out there! To ease your wintry-woes, we have on the show this week, The Hunt Club, a Reno electronica band. Seriously, there’s not much else like them right now in town and they are the shit. Aside from the fact that they have not played out a whole lot, you should really check them out as you can.

Uriah Mitchel, hands curled inward into claws, growling

Nick’s back this week and we talk a little at the top of the show about his perception of the wedding and his honeymoon. It’s good to have Pickles back in the saddle.

Rick Baker, Guitarist for The Hunt Club, sitting and smirking

Really The Hunt Club is awesome. Really really good shit.

"Dan Harmon" with hearts around him, keyboard for The Hunt Club

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Lil Mijhos – Running with Smoking Scissors

…and it happened with a BANG!

Worst Little Podcast – S6 E1 – Download Link

Good morrow, good friends! It’s a fine fine start to Season 6 we have here, with some upstarts in the Reno music scene, Lil Mijhos! Reice Guerrero and Tyler Charles roll up on Dogwater and pump out some kick ass tunes. They’ve got an alt/punk thing going on with a lot of energy and groove to it. I highly recommend checking them out at your next opportunity.

Reice Guerrero, guitar and vocals for Lil mijho, staring into the distance contemplatively

A thoughtful Reice

We also take a phone call from friend of the show, Kye Alfred Hillig. Kye came through town a couple years ago and has kept in touch during his travels! This week he’s promoting his new album, Great Falls Memorial Interchange. It’s not out yet, but you can listen to the track mentioned in the show by clicking on this link: Yes Grinning Face of Death

Tyler Charles, drummer for Lil Mijho, drumming intently

a focused Tyler

Good stuff. Get your listen on.

We would also be remiss if we did not also throw out a big congratulations to the happy couple, Nick Ramirez and Mikie Haley! They tied the know! It’s official! It was awesome! More later when Nick’s back in the saddle.


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Treedom – Pikkitup Pikkitup

We gotchoo, son.

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E39 – Download Link

This week, the phenomenon known Treedom joins us in the studio! Treedom is Alex Stevens (git/vox), Gabe Hulse (bass) and Corbin Cliften (drums), all from Reno NV, all playing ska/reggae music. These young lads have been tearing things up in the last year, steadily developing their sound. It’s definitely worth a listen.

Alex Stevens with a goofy look on his face, wearing a black "Pittsburg" T-shirt

See, what ha happen was…

It’s been a MINUTE since there was an active ska/reggae band in these here parts. Sure, a couple of Tahoe bands and some stalwarts have been played a few shows in the last decade, but furreals. When was the last time you went to see a band like that. And don’t tell me the scene doesn’t like it, because, fuck you – we do! Treedom is a great addition to the scene and came to play ball on the podcast. Listening to them was like summertime in the winter and sunshine on your face. Goddamn good times. You can catch them this Saturday at Third St. Bar with SoCal jammers, Jam Stain.

Gabe Hulse in a purple polo shirt holding his bass.

Gabe Hulse

Unfortunately, we have to reschedule the show next week, due to a Spagnola family emergency. Dogwater Dick explains all at the end of the show. But don’t fret! There is a ridiculous amoun t of great music this weekend in Reno – we talk about all the upcoming shows at the end as well – including shows with Drinking with Clowns, Rigorous Proof and the LAST MaryJane Rocket show. You need to get off the couch this week!

Corbin Cliften behind his drum set.

Corbin Cliften

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