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Kung Fu Sophie and the Slow Dying Podcast

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 010

Sophie Ralston

Fun size kick-assery!

Smelly boys beware! (of Reno whores)

This week on the Worst Little Podcast in the World, Sophie Ralston visits us on the studio. Talk about a dumb blonde! She was a fantastic guest – we didn’t have to play too nice after all! Chewie is still out in the hinterlands of Eastern Nevada, so after a play-by-play account of Rory’s failure as a parent and his daughter’s subsequent introduction to recreational OTC, Sophie entertains us with some tracks she brought in.  Later she plays some LIVE music too. Ever the good sport, Kung Fu Sophie is the first person to take the Worst Quiz in the Wold. We learn that Sophie has some unusual talents and doesn’t read anything without big pictures! Rick restrains his inner (and outer) tech nerd, and Nick… well, anything of importance that happened to Nick really gets steamrolled by all of the awesomeness and kick-assery.

The Best of The Worst

The Best of the Worst Little Podcast – from Kung Fu Sophie and Mark Earnest to The Gunner’s Daughter and Rigorous Proof (who already have a new name… again…).

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Hello my friends! As you will shortly find out, Rick needed a vacation so he left us high and dry. But rather than bone you with another week of nothing, we’re offering a taste of the best live performances on our first season. Chewie picked most of these out – there is a reason he is our musical archivist and historian; the man has great taste! Artists on this episode include Kung Fu Sophie, Tom Plunkett, Aversion Therapy, Grace, Mark Earnest, Spike and Jackson, Georgia Mowers, Present, The Firebombing, Del Mar, The Gunner’s Daughter, Big Remote and Rigorous Proof. Whew!

It’s a good year and this is a good episode, cutting out all the bullshit and talking and my un-funniness. I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for listening!

P.S. The cat came home!!!!

The Worst Little Podcast in the World!

-WARNING: NSFW The Worst Little Podcast in the World, bringing you live Reno music since 2010! (plus dick jokes... lots of dick jokes.) It is tasteless tacky and offensive. But WLP isn't just for self indulgence, no! It is a chance for us to bring the musicians you see on stage into your home, car or cubicle. We also like to highlight the Greater Reno Area and everything that makes this town rock.

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