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Welcome back to the podcast!!!! Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!

James and Charles of Nuke Vegas. Quit looking at the camera Nick!

We have missed ou almost as much as you’ve missed us. However, it is short lived- Dogwater Dick is a momma’s boy and will be out of town this next monday again. It’s always something or another with that fag, makin us miss shows this spring. He promises this is the last week anything will happen like that, but time will tell…


Ben and D. D was meditating on My Little Ponies.

This week we have the Radioactive Rock of Nuke Vegas. However, for all you NV fans out there, these Northern Nevada boys treated us to their first (and maybe only) acoustic set. These ex-metalheads threw down with some unplugged style music – or at least as close as they and we get. Nuke Vegas is James Kelly (vox), Ben Renken (git), D (bass), Jesse Rollins (drums) and Charles Untereiner (git) and they pretty much rip. You don’t want to miss them in action on May 25th at Davidson’s Distillery. We had a great time with them (like I’m gonna say they were a bunch of redneck assholes…, really I’m a pro!) in the studio, despite the tech difficulties that delayed the start of the show by almost 2 hours….

D and Jesse of Nuke Vegas. D REALLY likes My Little Ponies.

In other news, Reverend Rory (me) will be a guest judge at Reno Tahoe Comedy’s first month long competition. Come out for a great time with some of the best comedians the Reno Tahoe area has to offer. It’s going to be at the Pioneer Underground  every Friday during the month of April. That means the first one is this Friday 4/6 – 9:30 pm sharp! Be there, have some laughs, meet me and support local comedy!

Well, it’s about that time where I run out of things to say, so I will leave you with one pithy little  tidbit: You gotta do something once to know why it’s a bad idea; and then again, just to make sure.

Thanks for listening!!

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